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Platinum Blader, the Armament Lord. (Finally Complete)

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Platinum Blader, the Armament Lord. (Finally Complete)

Post by Platinum Blader on Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:32 pm

Name: Axel Heartnet

Age: 15

Accel World Name: Platinum Blader

Personality: Axel, at first approach, seem to be a kind young man, listening to everyone's problem and helping them in many ways. It is true that this is one part of him, the one he shows mostly in public. But there is a much darker side to him, which he does not show in public. It is a side that gave him the name of "Bloody Knight", "Mad man" and some others. When he is at home, he shows a more sadistic side of him, especially as he plays multiple games, thus how he gained these titles. He has no pity, does not hesitate and killing and might even go as far as torturing others. But deep in him, he wished he was like everyone sees him: a kind and young man that listens to others and protects them with his capacities; that is how Platinum Blader was born.

History: Axel was born 15 years ago (Obviously) and was one of the first to have the Neuro Linker installed as soon as he was born. His parents, Jay and Leia Heartnet, had agreed to let him be one of the childs in this generation to live with a Neuro Linker since their birth. And that ended up being a good thing, in a sense. As the years pilled up, the young Axel grew and learned more about the technology, and he started to play many video games: retro games and other fun stuff. But sadly, because of him playing games, he wasn't able to live his life with his parents to the fullest...

At the age of 9, his parents died in a car crash. Although the fact he was playing games and didn't go with them probably saved his life, Axel could only feel sad and empty at the loss of his parents. If he hadn't played so much, he could've spent more time with them before they die, hopefully learn new stuff from them and have fun. Axel moved in his uncle's house because of the car accident. The young boy had stopped playing games at that time, preferring not to suffer the same thing once again.

But after 2 years, the emptiness from his missing parents made him come back to games. And doing so, he found new types of games: Online games and fighting games, which got him interested pretty quickly. And that's from where the sadistic side of him started showing up. In all of the games he played, he strived for being the strongest, going alone and sacrificing his comrades. He was killing everything on his path, without a single hesitation. Everyone seemed to look up to him, yet everyone hated him because he was so unfriendly, so... inhuman. He was like a mad beast roaring the different games. Soon enough, that side of him started to have some repercutions on himself in the real world. He stopped communicating with others, he ignored people, he had no friends and never did anything with anybody.

But then, he met 2 person. 2 who were strong enough to go against him without problem, that did not die by his sadistic and mad side. For once... he wasn't alone. He was able to connect with somebody like him. And at first, he didn't know their identity, but he didn't care. They were able to survive his insanity, they were able to help him. Starting for this, their relationship kept growing. It was not until he had 12 years old that he learned who they were: Kamiya Juushiro and Reika Juushiro, a brother and his sister. And they were at the school that he went too. Thanks to these two, Axel started to develop a more friendly and sociable side to him: he started to talk with people in his classe, he helped other, he answered questions asked in class and he even hanged out with others. Even though that sadictic side of him popped out some times, he was able to keep it in check. Axel was finally able to enjoy the life as he wished... for a while. He knew his sadistic side kept growing in him and that he wouldn't be able to keep it in check.

As he reached 15 years old, Kamina and Reika announced that their family was moving to another city, which caused anger and sadness in the young man's heart. His only true friends, moving to another city, where they wouldn't be able to reach each other as they were doing now... Reika went back to her and Kamina's parent, but the brother remained, wanting to talk to Axel. (Rp-Style time)

"Look, Axel, i'm sorry that we gotta move. But that doesn't mean we'll stop talking or messaging each other. The world may be vast, but we still have our neuro linker."

"I know Kamina. But I preferred having both of you with me, here, since you were my first true friends. I wanted to keep going as we were, be able to enjoy life together."

Kamina smiled and took out a wired cable, which made Axel raise a brow. What was that cable for? But he felt like it wouldn't take long before the young man explains.

"This will be my farewell present. What I'll be giving you is a game, yet it isn't. It may mean the world to you like it can only mean so little. I'd like to show you how to play it, but sadly I'll be gone before I can do that. So, here's what i'm going to say: Do not connect to the Global network until tomorrow, after you had a weird dream. When you do, you'll feel different. Trust your instinct and let that beast inside you go wild for once. You may learn one thing or two."

Kamina plugged the wire in his neuro linker and plugged the other part to Axel's. Suddenly, the scrren Brain Burst appeared in front of the young man's eyes. Installing the game, he looked rapidly at his friend's face. Somehow, he showed an expression of remorse, yet some sort of... joy. Why would he feel that as he gave the game? Suddenly, Kamina's parent came out of the house, asking him to come back. The installation being over, the kid went back to his parents after saying farewell to Axel.

That night, the young man had a weird dream. He was in a cage. A bloody red cage being guarded by a black knight. Under the armor of the knight, we could almost see fur and fangs. Far away, a white knight was walking, multiple weapons in his back. Axel rushed to the end of the cage, trying to reach out to that knight. He wanted to become like him, to be able to help others in need. To fight for others and to destroy his evil side. As he woke up, he was completely drenched in sweat. Taking a shower, he remembered what his friend said and decided to connect to the Global Network after school.


Accel World Appearance:

The dual avatar is taller, measuring 5 feet 10 instead of what seems to be 4 feet on the picture. His sword, Tamagakure, looks like a regular sword, teinted in the same color as his dark red cloths that he has on his armor.

Guardian: Kamina Juushiro, known as Dark Paragus (But Axel doesn't know his DA, since he never touched Brain Burst yet.)

Pick A Legion: No legion for now.

You can have up to 2 Abilities. This will include your Killer Move.

This is how it goes:
100% Killer Gauge = Killer Move
50% Killer Gauge = Secondary Move

Below is the Template for it.

Ability Name: 50% Killer Gauge: Overskill Alpha

Effect: Upon activation, the currently equipped Enhanced Armament will give 1.2 times the effect it would normally give. In other words, it will be 12% instead of 10% (Simple example). This skill works for 120 seconds. Upon changing Enhanced Armament, the skill deactivates. In the case that the EA doesn't give stats, the ability will increase the Melee, Range or Defense stat by 15% (Depending on the EA [Shield/Armor for def, Guns for Range and swords and such for Melee).

Description: Platinum Blader is a character that takes everything to their limits, and even further. As he decides to get into it, he closes his eyes, concentrating his energy in it's EA. At that time, we can see a faint red aura surrounding the Enhanced Armament, giving it a boost for a short period.

Weaknesses: Frankly, there is no real weakness, as it is not a skill by itself. You can, however, break the concentration of the player by separating him from his EA. Or by breaking the EA. Or by locking them. Or maybe even kill him. It also depends on what Enhanced Armament he's using.

Ability Name: 100% Killer Gauge: Overskill Maximum

Effect: Upon activation, the user takes his Enhanced Armament, boosting it to maximum capacity and allowing to use a skill preset to the Enhanced Armament. If it is a sword, Platinum will be able to use Sword Blast, which will empty the killer gauge completely upon use. Since it is an attack, it shall deal damage upon hit. If it's a Defense Type EA, it will protect the user or maybe heal him, depending on the object. The range and damage or proficiency varies upon the weapon currently equipped and the level of the ability.

Description: Upon activation, Platinum takes hold of his EA, concentrating on it and charging it's in energy in it at the same time. Doing so, he will understand the way the armament work and, for a short while, be able to launch the skill. He must launch the energy stored in his EA 20 seconds after he charged it at most, otherwise the EA will explode and be unusable until the end of the battle. Certain EA, even if they are in the sword category (for example), may have different skills, but that depends on the item rarity. As he charges his EA, we can see a gold aura surrounding the said item. The bigger the item, or the rarer, and the bigger the aura will be.

Weaknesses: Depending on the enhanced armament, the weakness mostly changes, but there is some common weaknesses. First, the charging of the EA. It takes some time to charge the EA, rendering the user open to attacks. Suffering sufficient damage will stop the charging and cancel the skill, reducing his Killer gauge to half. Also, if he can't shoot his skill in 20 seconds, the EA will be rendered useless, making him fight until he changes Enhanced Armament.

Skills linked to EA classes on next post.

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Re: Platinum Blader, the Armament Lord. (Finally Complete)

Post by Platinum Blader on Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:05 pm

List of skills:
[Note: Each skills can be leveled up by mastering the weapon linked to it.]
[Note2: All the skills have not taken in account the defense of the target in account. As the strike is dealt, the damage WILL decrease.)
[Note3: When I say 130% (Or other numbers) melee damage, it pretty much means 1.3 times the melee stat of my character. Normally I'll do the calculation in my post, but I'm putting the value here for reference. Under 100%, it means 0.9, 0.8 and so on.]

-One-Handed Sword Type Weapon: "Sword Blast": Creates an energy wave that deals 120% Melee damage of the user. The wave stops after hitting an object or a target.

-Two-Handed Sword Type Weapon: "Sword Smash": Smashing the ground with the weapon causes a tremor in a radius of 200 meters around the user, causing 110% of Melee as damage to the enemies and objects in the area.

-Spear/Lance Type Weapon: "Lightning Joulst": The user conveys the energy to his spear, covering it with a Lightning-type energy in a bright color. The energy forms a giant spear of 30 meter long that the user can throw or stab the enemy with. The energy spear pierces through thing and regular DA, but does not pierce through hard objects and high-defense DA. Deals 180% melee damage to those with 150 or less Defense. Thus, those with a Defense higher then 150 will only take half of the damage, being 90%. The attack is of the Lightning element, but takes in consideration the defense of the target. Can paralyze for 5 seconds.

-Axe Type Weapon: "Tomahawk Boomerang": The double-edged axe covers itself with wind and is launched toward the ennemy. After hitting and object or the target, it comes back in the user's hand. Deals 120% melee damage, attack being of the wind element.

or "Heavy Cleave" (Not all Axes can be thrown): Taking the axe with both hands, smashes the ground, fissuring it under the enemy (Or in a range of 75 meters in front of the user), sending rocks (Or whatever material it is) all around like a small explosion. If hit by the fissure: 130% melee damage. If hit by a rock: 15% melee damage. Both damages can be added and more then one stone can hit the target, up to the enemy's speed or dodge.

-Scythe/Scepter type Weapon: "Flickering Lotus": Spin on himself and slash in a spin toward the sky, giving 2 hits to the enemy. If the enemy dodges the first hit, the second one may still hit as the user is most likely spinning toward the opponent. Each hit deal 100% melee damage.

-Glove/Claws Type Weapon: "Speed Hell": Unlike the other skills, this one depends on the speed stat as well as the melee stat. Each hits deal 70% melee, but the number of hits vary on the speed of the user. (Speed/20. If the result is a decimal number, only take the complete number.)


-Revolver/Handgun/Pistol Type Weapon (Includes Dual-Wield version): "Random Buster" The user loads his energy in the weapon and shoots a bullet with random effects. There can be 4 potential effects: Flame (Deals 120% Range damage in a radius of 3 meter around the impact point), Ice (Deals 100% range Damage, can freeze a body part), Poison (Deals 50% range damage, deals 3% maximum health of the opponent per second), Thunder (Deals 150% Range damage, may paralyze for 5 seconds) and Gravity (Deal 70% range damage. Reduce the speed of the opponent by half.). Number of bullet shots depend on the speed stat (Speed/75)

-Shotgun Type Weapon: "Bouncing Spread": The shotgun shoots multiple little bullets, each doing 10% range damage (10 small bullets per shots). If they do not hit the target, they will bounce off the surface of a wall or an object until they hit a living unit. The number of shots will vary depending on the speed stat (Speed/100) [Does not Work]

-Machine gun Type Weapon: "Blast Fury": Like the Revolver/Handgun type weapon, the Machine gun will shoot random bullets. Each time the trigger is pulled, 6 bullets are shot, and the number of time the effect can be used depends on the speed stat (Speed/100). The types of bullets are the same as Revolver/Handgun type weapon, with some modifications: Flame (Deals 100% Range damage in a radius of 3 meter around the impact point), Ice (Deals 80% range Damage, can freeze a body part), Poison (Deals 40% range damage, deals 2% maximum health of the opponent per second), Thunder (Deals 130% Range damage, may paralyze for 5 seconds) and Gravity (Deal 70% range damage. Reduce the speed of the opponent by half.). (Not working)

-Rifle Type Weapon: "Dark Pierce": Shoots a bullet that can travel long range and pierce objects on it's path. The bullet itself deals 180% damage and if it it the targets or the ground, it'll create a black hole that sucks everything around in a 10 meters diameter area. If the Black Hole creates on the opponent, he will only be stuck in place as the Black ole isn't strong enough to completely suck him in. After 10 seconds, the Black Hole disappears, releasing everything it had kept around it or absorbed.

-Bazooka/Canon/Destroyer Type Weapon: "Burst Frenzy": The weapon shoots 3 bullets at the opponent, each having random effects: Flame (Deals 200% range damage, explosion in a 10 meter radius), Magnet (Deals 80% range damage, explosion in a 7 meter radius and bring every metallic object, body or part, into the middle of the explosion, holding them for 5 seconds), Plague (Deal 100% range damage, explosion in a 6 meter radius, damage over time: 1% maximum hp per second in 30 second, melee and Speed are lowered by 15% for 15 seconds) and Thunder (deal 120% range damage, explosion in 3 meter radius. 5 seconds after impact, a Lightning fall from the sky, toward the impact point, hitting all nearby units and dealing 150% range damage). [Does not Work]

[Shields] (Who said Defense-Type EAs weren't affected?)

-Light Shield/Buckler Type: "Little Defender": Using this skill allows to reduce the damage received from the next attack by 15% of the damage you would receive. If the damage exceeds twice the defense of user, the shield will break after the use of this skill and won't be usable for the rest of the fight.

-Medium-Sized Shield Type: "Medium Guardian": Using this skill slows the user, reducing his movement speed by 50%, for 10 seconds, but allows to nullify 50% of the damage received during that time. If the damage received in these 10 seconds equals 5 times the user's Defense, the shield won't be usable until the end of the fight.

-Giant-Sized Shield/Fortress Shield: "Tower Defense": Stopping completely the movement of the user, a global field surrounds him and his allies, covering a field of 3 meter radius, stopping everything from coming in. The shield lasts until 13 times his defense is inflicted, or until the user can't hold any longuer (Which can be pretty fast against CD).

Some EAs will have a special ability not listed here. They will be added when i gain them.
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Re: Platinum Blader, the Armament Lord. (Finally Complete)

Post by Miale-Sempai on Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:48 pm

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Re: Platinum Blader, the Armament Lord. (Finally Complete)

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