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Marine Hunter (waiting for verification)

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Marine Hunter (waiting for verification)

Post by Ember jailer on Sun Jun 17, 2018 2:53 pm

Part One


+ Name: Fábio, Marques
+ Age: 18
+ Height & Weight: 5´8 feet and 120 kg
+ Face claim Picture:

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+ History: Like most children Fábio and his little sister where born into an average family, from birth they had a neurolinker installed on them. Being the oldest child his father was raised very sternly and cruelly, while his mother was kind his father was not and treated his children very differently. While his little sister was treated like a princess and raised to be a very spoiled brat, Fábio was raised to become a more successful replica of his own father, this was of course not something the boy wished to do as his interests and goals where different from those his father had. Whenever he failed to meet his father’s expectations he was berated and punished forced to spend his time studying in order to do better even thou that by any other standards he was actually doing very well. The stress that he felt for most his life resulted on the boy wanting to run away and escape from the hell that was his home. Things seemed to possibly get better when his mother decided to divorce his father, at the start it seemed to be fine as he would be spending less time with the man and as such, he would be put under less pressure. Sadly, it was not as simple as one would wish his father forced him to be the rope in a tug of war. Using him as a tool to attack his mother while the woman stressed and under great pressure herself, he was left with no place where he could relax and feel safe and calm. Eventually when Fábio grew to the age of 16, his father understood that the boy was his own person, not a clone of himself nor a useful tool to use. After understanding this the man just vanished leaving both his son and daughter alone with their mother, apparently he did this for the simple reason that he didn’t want to pay any sort of child support and for that he just went to another country with no contact for his children to talk with him. Fábio was since then left dreaming of some day going to meet his father again, despite all the despicable thing the man did he still cared for him and as such he wished for his father to own up to his actions even if he had to force him to do it.

+ Personality: A generally kind person Fábio doesn’t speak much about himself, most of the time he tries to help others and has a rather stern moral code that often makes people upset as he makes some people act upon it. He believes everyone should accept the results and consequences of their actions, he scolds anyone who runs away from that responsibility and even get infuriated when they shove the problems they form on other people. He’s a very big nerd, a real otaku if you would. Despite being a good student, he spends most of his time reading manga, watching anime or playing games. It´s a simple hobby but he was very much addicted to those forms of entertainment. Besides otaku culture, he also has a fascination for electronics enjoying the feeling of taking them apart and building them back up, his dream job was to be hired as a developer for the company that created neurolinkers. Beyond that on his free time is spent working on a story he hopes someday would be serialized into either a book or a series.

+ Clothing & Accessories: Fábio dresses himself very simply, his style of clothing consists purely of hoodies with jeans and sneakers. His hoodies generally being white or black with an image, or writing on it. He also wears a pair of glasses, while it is true that he could use the correction function in the neuro linkers he enjoys wearing glasses as they cover some of his face and in his own opinion make him look a little bit better. Lastly, he began wearing a hat that he only really uses when it is too hot to wear a hoodie.

Part Two


+ Name: Marine Hunter
+ class and color
blue destroyer
+ Height: 6 feet
+ Parent: N/A
+ Weight Class: medium

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+ Appearance Description:
Apearing as a figure with what appears to be a dark blue and black cloack covering its from from head to toe, while it apaers to be just a cloack at first glance the arm and chest segments are melded into the body forming a sort of armour in ways similar to light leader and plate armour, along his body dim blue lights glow in a cold light. the head is covered with a hood with the face plate resembling  a kendo mask. While slim looking the avatar is quite sturdy with the cloack itself acting as its armour.

Part Three


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+ Abilities & Armaments
++ Name: Neptunes Wrath
++ Description: A large great axe with a handle close to the base of the hamer allowing swifter swings with lower power behind them. the back of the axe holds a jet like pertrusion that manifests a blast of water. The water blasts increase the strength and speed of his swings allowing for greater damage on each swing. the user can also point the jet towards the enemy granting him long range attacks with low precision and average power. should the need arise the user can also place his feet on the bladed side of the weapon and shoot a water blast to propel himself at rapid speed towards the enemy or away from him. The weapon runs on a seperate gauge that restores over time, the gauge represets the amout of water contained by the weapon with the minimum and maximum values of 0 and 20, each action drains a seperate amount of points from the weapon, swings draining 1 point, ranged blasts 3 points and the mobility blast costing 10 points. The speed the points regenerate is 1 point every 3 seconds but stage conditions can chaange this, dry stages increase the time to 5 seconds per point and high humidity areas take 3 seconds for 2 points, its also important to note that if submerged in water the weapon fully recharges.

++ Weaknesses: The biggest weakness of this weapon is the limited usage of the weapon,and how its subjected to the arenas characteristics. the secondary weakness is the fact he can be disarmed as the weapon is not attatched to his boy.

+ Special Move
++ Name:
++ Cost:
++ Description:
++ Weaknesses:
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