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The Character Sheet

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The Character Sheet

Post by Miale-Sempai on Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:56 am

Part One:


+ Name: (First Name), (Last Name) You can use English, Japanese, or any other common language. But separate them with a comma.
+ Age: Minimum age of 12, Maximum age of 18.
+ Height & Weight: Self explanatory.
+ Face claim Picture: Post the direct link or it may not display. In addition to the picture, you are allowed no more than 50 words of description.

Insert Picture here

+ History: Keep it lower than 500 words. Try to avoid pointless details, and to keep a proper formatting. The Harder you make it to read the longer it'll take for you to get reviewed.
+ Personality: 200 words or fewer.
+ Clothing & Accessories: 100 words or fewer. Try to avoid unnecessary details. Go for things that make your character stand out from the crowd.

Part Two


+ Name: (Colour Word / Metal) + (Verb, Noun, or loanword). For ambiguous colours like Royal, Neon, and certain gems, specify which hue of colour and how dark or light it is.
+ Class: Your Avatar type.
+ Height: You can be creative, but be realistic. Don't make your avatar a giant or a dwarf without reason.
+ Appearance Claim:

Insert Image here

+ Appearance Description: 100 words or fewer. Pick one or two outstanding features and write about 50 words per feature. If you have no Pictures for reference then please limit yourself to 200 words.

++ Relation Between Human and Avatar: What makes it that your avatar is what is it in relation to your character's backstory? Please explain here.

Part Three


+ Abilities & Armaments
++ Name: Enhanced Armament / Pet Name
++ Picture: Optional. If you can't find it, you have 100 more words to describe it.
++ Description: 100 words maximum.
++ Weaknesses: What will ruin its day?

+ Special Move
++ Name: Special Move Name
++ Type: Single-Target or AoE? Lock-on or Skillshot? Does it nuke or slowly damage over time? Or do you prefer a utility Special Move?
++ Cost: Be reasonable. Too high and you'll never use it more than once; too low and it'll have too much bang for your buck.
++ Description: 200 words. One Special Move at Level 1.
++ Weaknesses: 100 words.
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