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The Character and Combat System

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The Character and Combat System

Post by Miale-Sempai on Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:46 pm

Alright folks, Here's the thing:

Y'all know how to make an avatar and a backstory to link it to your character. But ya still know how to make your avatar combat ready.

First of All: What kind of Avatar is it?

Avatars can be divided in 7 "classes" which more or less indicate what is your main area of focus.

Descriptions courtesy of Subparman:

Assassin - Pure offensive power given form, the Assassin class relies on dishing out heavy damage to the enemy constantly, beating down foes to their cause quickly and painfully. A choice class for those who simply want to decimate everything in their path within the blink of an eye. However, Assassins are frequently wanting of more defensive skills and better ability handling, unable to defend themselves if an enemy breaks through their offensive front.

Warrior - With a high amount of defensive capabilities, the warrior is good at soaking up hits aimed at both themselves and others, making the Warrior class a good fit for those who would seek to be protectors and guardians. However, they are often lacking in offensive power and also sacrifice some skill proficiency for their ability to in turn withstand them.

Specialist - Relying on their plethora of powerful abilities, passive and activated, to pull them and their allies through in battle, Specialists are often found fighting in a variety of roles, depending on their special abilities. However, being so absorbed in mastering their abilities, Specialists are naturally less capable of dishing out direct damage and also enduring it.

Generalist - Leaning neither this way nor that, the Generalist is a class that truly has a finger in every pie, possessing passable defensive skills, a satisfactory damage output and a moderate amount of proficiency with special abilities. Their capability to fulfil any role in a pinch makes them interesting friends and foes. However, though they may be a jack of all trades, they’re also the king of none, and a class specifically tailored to excel in one attribute will most often outmatch a Generalist in a head-on contest.

Breaker - The more durable big brother to the Assassin, the goal of a Breaker is simple; wear down any enemies they face with calculated and ceaseless onslaughts of damage, grinding down even the hardiest of foes with their balanced mix of offensive and defensive skills. Unfortunately, their ability to attune to special abilities is less than ideal due to a lack of actually needing them, making mastering them more difficult.

Destroyer - In a sentence, the Destroyer is the Assassin class on steroids; adding the mastery special abilities into their already devastatingly destructive arsenal, a Destroyer’s damage output potential is through the roof! Able to effortlessly obliterate enemies from all ranges while also utilising a variety of abilities, ending up in a Destroyer’s sights is a good reason to panic. Unfortunately, the price for such power is that they are the very definitions of ‘Glass Cannons’, ironically being unable to withstand much enemy fire before they fall.

Frontliner - With a plethora of special abilities to access at any time and enough defenses to sit out attacks while they recharge or bide time until conditions are met, Frontliners make, as the name suggests, great frontline support units. Their mastery of abilities can be used defensively to buff and assist allies, or offensively, to periodically wreak havoc on enemies at a level comparable to an Assassin’s. Unfortunately, they rely overly on their abilities and tank-like health, leaving them nearly unable to retaliate against foes in close combat.


Second: What is your color and how does it affect your Character?
We all know how colors tend to have that "class" feel to them with so many exeptions to them that it gets confusing. Instead we propose you that Colors arent the class but instead they influence the overall abilities of their holder.

Red: They tend toward long range attacks, and pack a punch. They generally hit harder than others. (Damage ++)

Blue: They tend toward Melee combat... Simply because they have the perfect combination of Strength and Resistance. (Damage + / Resist +)

Yellow: The classic Specialist color. Their special abilities tend to be somehow stronger than the norm. (Ability ++)

Green: They're usually seen taking much bigger hits than anyone else, the reason is, their body is more resilient than the others. (Resistance ++)

Purple: The perfect example of what an assassin or a Destroyer would want for a color: Power in its pureret form. They Pack the strongest punch at the cost of some resistance. (Damage +++ / Resistance -)

Orange: A really rare case, orange avatars are much less common than the others. They make good Destroyers due to the fact that they get both Ability and Damage power. (Damage + / Ability +)

Metals, Black and White: Those are special cases and will need disscussion with an Admin before being allowed.


How will this be used?

No Rolls, No hard stats.

Combat will be played Freeform. Play Fair, Be nice.

The Admins will be watching you. Be a D*** and you'll be penalised.

We also realise that matchups are never 50/50, but we expect you to be mature and come see us if something arises, or to solve it like a civilised person with the person you're playing.

That's all Folks!
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