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Iron Tyrant (Completed)

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Iron Tyrant (Completed)

Post by Basil~ on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:24 am

Part One


+ Name: Tanner Murdoch
+ Age: 16
+ Height & Weight: 5'10", 156lb (~180cm, 71kg)
+ Face claim Picture:

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+ History: Once upon a time, a corrupt French policewoman and an expert English fraud fell in love. They decided to flee their respective countries, and get married quietly in the faraway archipelago of Japan. Tanner Murdoch was the result.

For as long as he could remember, Tanner had wanted to become a leader. In hopes of helping Tanner lead a better life than theirs, his parents gave him a Neuro-Linker at a young age to accelerate his education, and encouraged him to follow his dreams and let his heart lead him.

What a drastic mistake they made.

As they hoped, Tanner matured into a handsome (some would say slightly effeminate), charismatic and friendly young man, and was the very definition of suave. Easy to talk to and possessing some knowledge about every subject under the sun, Tanner made conversation easily. His grades at school were just above average and his athletics skills were decent for his age yet nothing to brag about, which made him even more relatable to everyone he met.

Naturally, he was continually elected for leadership roles. There was hardly a year where his name didn’t appear on the student council lists, and everyone he talked to had a good word for him. Teachers favoured him in classes, underclassmen idolised him, and upperclassmen gave him advice whenever he needed it. Life was a just breeze for him.

However, his wish to become a leader slowly grew more and more twisted as years went by and he sat on the student council. He wanted even more power. He wanted not just to lead, but to control. To not just be revered, but to be feared. He was becoming less benign with every day that passed, and love for him turned to awe and then to fear.

He backed out of the council and founded a cult-of-personality-esque gang, basking in his own glory and the feeling of absolute power over others. And, sadly, it is true that absolute power corrupts absolutely; as his gang’s influence and infamy grew, his grades dropped and so did his reputation. No longer was he the personable honour student that was met with a smile everywhere. Now, fear and revulsion dogged him, increasing his reliance on his gang to stoke his egomania, a vicious cycle with no end in sight.

Upon his 16th birthday, a graduating senior member of his gang approached him and informed Tanner about Brain Burst, sending him the installer and warning him of the risks and rewards the installation would bring, and attached his Brain Burst handle with the file in hopes of meeting again; Magnesium Railgun.

His nightmare went something like this.

He was sitting on a huge marble throne, carved in the likeness of a pillar of bodies struggling to hold him up. He was surveying a faceless mass of grovelling servants, and as he looked on, he smiled, knowing that they were his to command and his alone. But as he began to feel complacent and content, the crowd began to surge towards his throne, emaciated hands tearing away at the marble foundations and withered mouths shrieking curses at him. As he clambered up the seat of the throne to get away, he realised with a pang of terror that the carved bodies his throne was made of were in fact alive, writhing and grabbing at him with cold, smooth hands, marble mouths whispering promises of death. His final thoughts before being torn apart and waking with a scream was:

"I want to subjugate everything, everyone, to make sure I'm never betrayed."

+ Personality: Acquaintances of Tanner and members of his gang describe him as a handsome, outspoken and charismatic young man with a bright disposition coupled with a pragmatic, rebellious streak that gives him the air of a Byronic hero.
Many who have conversed with him can't help but feel awed and intimidated by his dominant and determined personality.
Those who have seen the true essence of Tanner describe him as a demon under the guise of a saint, a relentless, ruthless and utterly self-serving tyrant who wouldn't hesitate to order any that follow him to fall in his stead. If even that does not resolve his dilemmas, he wouldn't give a second thought before using their bodies to build a bloody path towards his goals.

+ Clothing & Accessories: Tanner generally wears a plain white v-neck shirt and a pair of grey cargo shorts, sometimes with a matching grey scarf. He often wears a small silver watch on his right hand.

Part Two


+ Name: Iron Tyrant
+ Height: 6'3"/~183cm
+ Parent: Magnesium Railgun
+ Weight Class: Mediumweight
+ Appearance Claim:

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+ Appearance Description: Iron Tyrant is a Duel Avatar of average build, armored all over by lustrous blackish-purple metallic plates. A half-helm rests on his head, made of the same metal, with two eye slits and a wide mouth slit, and a stylized nose that resembles the hooked beak of a bird of prey. A heavy black leathery cape flows out from his pauldrons.

Part Three


+ Stats (Metal: +3 points, any distribution)
STR: 3+0=3
DEF: 3+0=3
POT: 0+3=3

+ Immunities, Resistances and Weaknesses
++ Immunities:
Sonic: Iron is a decently dense metal. No damage from sound-based attacks.
Light: Iron is a reflective, lustrous metal. No damage from light-based attacks.
Water*: This is a special case. While water causes no physical damage to iron, it will cause it to rust over time, which is what make this a weakness. No damage from water-based attacks, instead -1 DEF for every second round after taking water damage.
++ Resistances:
Slashing: Iron is hard to cut. -2 damage when taking slashing damage.
Piercing: Iron is hard to pierce. -2 damage when taking piercing damage.
Heat: Iron’s melting point is high, but it melts quickly when it reaches that point. -1 damage from low and moderate heat attacks(<3000 celsius).
++ Weaknesses:
Extreme heat: Iron’s melting point is high, but it melts quickly when it reaches that point. +2 damage from extreme heat attacks(>3000 celsius).
Impact: Iron is a very brittle metal. +2 damage when taking impact damage.
Electric: Iron is generally a good conductor. +1 damage when taking shock damage.
Corrosive: Iron dissolves readily in dilute acids. +1 damage when taking corrosive damage.
Water*: This is a special case. While water causes no physical damage to iron, it will cause it to rust over time, which is what make this a weakness. No damage from water-based attacks, instead -1 DEF for every second round after taking water damage.

+ Abilities & Armaments
++ Name: Dominator’s Swords
++ Description: Sheathed on Iron Tyrant’s back are a pair of bastard swords that, when drawn, burn with a malicious crimson flame. They are usually used one at a time, though Iron Tyrant has been known to dual wield in times of dire need. The swords cut deep into unarmoured Avatars and the burns they inflict are excruciatingly painful, even when only the flat of the blade hits. These are classified as normal in terms of wielding capacity for Iron Tyrant and other sword wielders, and unskilled for Duel Avatars who have no experience with swords. They deal both slashing and heat damage.
++ Weaknesses: Their strikes won’t pierce heavy armour and therefore are less damaging against heavyweight Avatars, and the heat they emanate is not strong enough to count as extreme heat for purposes of resistance negation.

+Normal Move
++ Name: Sword Thrust
++ Description: Iron Tyrant draws one or both of his Dominator’s Swords and directs a piercing thrust at his opponent.
++ Weaknesses: 100 words.

+Normal Move
++ Name: Sword Slash
++ Description: Iron Tyrant draws one or both of his Dominator’s Swords and directs a powerful slash at his opponent.
++ Weaknesses: 100 words.

+Normal Move
++ Name: Unarmed Strike
++ Description: Iron Tyrant throws an unarmed punch or kick at his opponent, or improvises some form of unarmed melee attack (headbutt, elbow jab, etc.).
++ Weaknesses: 100 words.

+ Special Move
++ Name: Absolute Command
++ Cost: 45% KG
++ Description: Iron Tyrant fixes a hostile Duel Avatar with a steely glare, and utters a 1-3 word command that they are compelled to obey, i.e. "Freeze", "Step backwards", "Drop your weapon", etc.
++ Weaknesses: Absolute Command eats up a large amount of KG, and can only be executed by making eye contact, which is problematic if the opponent either averts their eyes constantly, covers their eyes, or simply has no eyes. Any command that would directly harm the affected Avatar or steer them into immediately harmful terrain (pool of lava, pitfall, acid tank) will not be performed, and the same goes for commands that are interrupted or instruct the target Avatar to harm another Avatar. Duel Avatars that are immune to psychic attacks are naturally immune to this move.


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