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Celeste Diamond(waiting for feedback)

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Celeste Diamond(waiting for feedback)

Post by josh64male on Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:09 pm

Part One


+ Name: Souta, Kanagawa
+ Age: 17
+ Height & Weight: 170 cm, 75kg
+ Face claim Picture:
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+ History:"What i will give you is possibly,the best gift,and the worst curse a person could give,a game which will change your life.My question is...are you willing to sacrifice everything...?".

"Very well then.....welcome to MY world,Souta...".

A 17 year old Souta Kanagawa is born into a moderate family,along with a mother,father and an older sister,even as a kid,he preferred gaming instead of physical outdoor activities,it wasn't until the age 7 that he showed symptoms of an illness which causes him to have a weak motoric function,he was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with a severe muscle disease.

It took him several years in the hospital for him to recover fully,and it left him with a frail physical body,when he was in his treatment sessions,he would often met Garou Kenzaki,a boy two years older than himself,who quickly took an interest in souta's gaming ability.

They would often hang out together,and the two became close friends,most of their days would be spent on discussing about games,garou is always interested in teaching souta a lot of things,the two were inseperable......

That is,until souta moved to another school due to his parent's business problems,his father's company had been pushed to the edge of bankruptcy,and souta is forced to leave his hometown behind,along with any memories of garou.

He had trouble socializing in the new environment,which led him to be bullied by several students in his school,this prompted him to wish for a way to run away and escape from the reality he is in.

During all of this,his father was never home,and he often talked to his mother,who told him that he is an unpolished diamond,and the pain will go away soon.

One day his parents discussed about sending souta back to his old school due to the bussiness problems which worsens every day.It was a conversation that souta overheard,and a decision that he happily agrees on,albeit with a lot of hesitance.

He was transferred back into his old school and had to live with his auntie and uncle after that.he was reunited with garou,who,after hearing about the incident,gave him the brain burst,his dream goes like this:

he was walking along the school corridor,where the shadowy figures of people around him started to physically abuse him,he wants to get need to get out.The abuse had cracked up his skin and glowing diamond that had been hidden inside him started to reveal itself.

he woke up,drenched in cold sweat,the only thing he remembered from that night was his mother's word.

"Shine Like A Diamond My Child....."

+ Personality:Souta is a relatively silent child, mostly only talking to those close to him.
Although he talked a lot to his friends, he usually had a bashful and silly demeanor to everyone else.
When around the people that is close to him however,he will be a lot more confident and open minded.
One attitude he always represent however,is his lack of determination,he is more akin to running away from his problems than to solve them.
in battle,he is known as the strategist,using his surroundings more than relying just on his abilities and armaments.
+ Clothing & Accessories:during weekends,Souta wears a white t-shirt covered with a gray sweater,he occasionally wears a headphone.
His school uniform is a white t-shirt covered with a dark green vest and a grayish green jeans.

Part Two


+ Name: Celeste Diamond
+ Height: 170 cm
+ Parent: Amethyst Buccaneer(Garou Kanzaki,souta's best friend and mentor)
+ Weight Class: Lightweight
+ Appearance Claim:
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+ Appearance Description: Celeste Diamond is a slim avatar(slightly more muscular than silver crow),it had multiple diamond bits on the head,chest,arms and legs.
its head is a giant diamond with "hairs" flowing down from it. It had tints of blue as a color on different parts of his body,mostly in the joints of the avatar

Part Three


+ Stats
Color Blue: (+4 Strength Bonus Points)
Strength:.....5..... ((1 + 4 Blue bonus point))
Defense:.....3..... ((3 + 0 No bonus points)
Potency:.....2..... ((2 + 0 No bonus point))

Fire: No Damage from fire-based attack,diamond is a good heat conductor,better than metal,but has higher melting point than metals (diamond also resists lava attacks,as such,extreme heat will also do no damage to him).

Lightning: No Damage from electric-based attack +1 Damage from explosive attacks,diamond can be broken by explosion.

Water: No Damage from water-based attack.

Ice: +2 Damage from ice-based attack,diamonds can be broken from the inside by ice.

Corrosion:  No Damage from poison or corrosion attacks.

Physical Attacks: +1 Damage from normal slashing and piercing attacks +2 Damage from bashing attacks.

(Diamond is horrible at tanking hits but takes no damages from corrosion/poison attacks,and it resists paralysis and freeze,it can't be poisoned or corroded,however,it does not resist burn)

+ Normal Move
++ Name: Punch
++ Type:  Passive
++ Cost: None.
++ Description: A powerful right or left swing of the fist.
++ Weaknesses: 100 words.

++ Name: kick
++ Type: Passive
++ Cost: None
++ Description: glider delivers a kick with his foot or leg
++ Weaknesses: 100 words

++ Name: Diamond polish
++ Cost: None
++ Type: Passive
++ Description: Diamond gains buffs to all of his stat(except potency) when his hp falls to a certain point,at 75% he gains 1 point,at 50% he gains 2 points and in 25% he gains 3 points

++ Weaknesses: this perk didn't affect potency.

+ Abilities & Armaments

+ Special Move
++ Name: Erden Drill
++ Cost: Half of the mp bar
++Type: Single Target

++ Description:The diamond bits on Celeste Diamond's arms grew into a rotating drill,Celeste Diamond then charges at the target and pierces them with the drill,dealing a massive amount of damage to the target.This move is twice as powerful when used under 50% HP.

++Weaknesses: The range of this move is small,and is useless at range,this meant that diamond will have some difficulty fighting range typed enemy.


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