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NPC fight no2

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NPC fight no2

Post by Miale-Sempai on Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:12 pm

Alvaar - dimanche dernier à 23:41
Beep beep boop
Glass Bubble materialised
Miale of the Void - dimanche dernier à 23:42
The Hub materialises in front of you, Your HP Bar with your name to the left, the 1800 seconds timer in the middle
and to the right, your opponent name...
Alvaar - dimanche dernier à 23:44
"A blue avatar.. with a piercing weapon. Oh shoot"
Miale of the Void - dimanche dernier à 23:44
The compass points east, behind you.
Alvaar - dimanche dernier à 23:44
Bubble turns around, expecting a trojan soldier of some kind
Miale of the Void - dimanche dernier à 23:45
The enemy does not seem to be in sight for the moment, perhaps there is a good distance between you both...
Alvaar - dimanche dernier à 23:46
"Remember what Fiddler says.. Collect KG while I can"
(Whats the stage, btw?)
Miale of the Void - dimanche dernier à 23:47
The stage is the Pandemonium stage.
Its Properties: Very Hard and Buildings cannot be entered.
Yet, there are still a bit of rubble here and there that you can attack to generate a bit of Gauge.
Alvaar - dimanche dernier à 23:49
"This is gonna make some noise.. but he's probably onto me anyways"
With his large, broad hands, Bubble pick up a battered sign post on the side of the street and proceded to club the outlet right beside him
HP: 100%
KG: 5%
Miale of the Void - dimanche dernier à 23:50
(Ahem, I take care of this aspect...)
Alvaar - dimanche dernier à 23:50
Miale of the Void - dimanche dernier à 23:50
Glass Bubble: HP: 100% KG: 3%
The field is harder to break, generating less Gauge than you would have hoped. At least you're getting something out of this.
Alvaar - dimanche dernier à 23:52
"Wait.. why cant I hear anyone approaching? That should have made enough noise for everyone to hear"
Bubble slowly backs away from the direction of his foe, the thruster on his legs silently humming
Miale of the Void - dimanche dernier à 23:55
"Yo, running away? I've been taking my time to let you prepare yourself for this..."
Further down the road, appearing from a corner, the Blue Clad avatar appears.
Wielding a lance as long as his body, the fighter looks at you.
"Could it be that you're too fragile to handle?"
Alvaar - dimanche dernier à 23:57
An opponent with a confrontational attitude..  im dead
"Hey no need to hurt. Your lance looks scary enough"
Miale of the Void - dimanche dernier à 23:58
"Don't tell me you didn't know this was a fighting game..."
Alvaar - dimanche dernier à 23:58
If he's the speed-type, this is worse than I thougt
9 janvier 2017
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:00
"So, you ready or something?"
He slowly walks toward you... Scratching the ground with the tip of his spear.
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:00
"Im ready to run"
Bubble dashes away in the opposite direction, his thruster at full blast
Gotta find a corner
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:01
HIs steps accelerate, he seems to be following you!
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:02
Bubble picks up the remnants of a beaten up bench and throw it at Spear with his strong hands
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:04
You projectile Flies straight toward him!
Glass Bubble's Attack roll: 5,4,4,3,2 (3)
Azure Spear's Defence Roll: 6,5,5,4,1 (4)
Using his spear, the fighter jumps right over your attack!
"C'mon! You have better to do!"(édité)
"Fight like a Man!"
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:08
"You dont even know my age" Bubble shouts back, even as Spear closes in on him
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:09
Your opponents stops, looking at you.
"Your age? Who cares?
You're a Burst Linker. Fight like one."
Readying his weapon, he looks at you.
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:11
"Like this?" With his momentum, Bubble grabbed at a street lamp, made a U-turn, and launches himself at Spear, balling his fists like a cannonball
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:11
"That's already much better!"
Altough the idea was good, you realise your mistake as he readies himself, his weapon pointed at you.
The spear has a much better range of action, and dashing recklessly only puts you at a disadvantage!
Spear's Attack roll: 6,5,5,2,1 (3)
Bubble's Defence Roll: 4,3,3,1,1 (0)
(Sorry, I do not decide the results of the dice.)
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:16
(I know Ouch!)
(Bubble has -1 res to piercing attacks btw)
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:17
(I got your sheet opened... I need to recheck my rules about attacks XD been a while)
( holy sheeeeeeeet, HE m ight OS you if he's lucky T_T)
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:19
(I prolly should have inquired his Level earlier btw -.-")
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:19
Spear's Damage Roll: 6,6,6,5,5,4,4,4,2,1 (Cool
(He's level one.)
( He's a glass cannon build...)
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:20
(And im a glass fodder build -.-")
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:21
( sorry...)
Glass Bubble: HP: 10% KG: 100%
Azure Spear: HP: 100% KG: 40%
Your Ability activates, teleporting you away from the fighter.
"Wha? How d'you move like that?!"
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:24
The cracks from the collisison reaches all the way to his torso, blowing all of Bubble's initial perception of his avatar. Fiddler was sugar-coating it when she said his build is kinda fragile
Time for plan B. plan B should have been Plan A from the start ugh
Making some distances with his thrusters, Bubble grabs any objects nearby and starts to pelt Spear with them
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:28
Bubble's Attack roll: 6,5,4,3,3 (3)
Spear's Defense Roll: 5,5,2,2,2 (2)
Bubble's Damage Roll: 5,4,3,2 (2)
"Just surrender man, it'll be less pai-"
The projectile hits the target straight on!
Glass Bubble: HP: 10% KG: 100%
Azure Spear: HP: 90% KG: 70%
"Damn it!"
He begins chasing you again!(édité)
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:33
At this rate, it's a slaughter. Fiddler's probably on a roof somewhere enjoying this grrr
"Hey man. Slow down with the cursing, kay? [Moratorium]!
(Bubble uses special move)
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:34
Spear slows down, on the defensive.
His eyes seem to glow a bit brighter, showing emnity
He points his spear at you, advancing slowly.
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:39
Bubble rushes at a building, only to find it unaccessable
Turning back at Spear, Bubble realises his fate
Ahh swell
YOLO it seeems
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:41
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:41
Bubble dashes again at Spear, but a little further before he comes into Spear's range, his thruster shoots him upward, giving him another angle to throw his projectiles from
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:41
Bubble's Attack Roll: 5,4,4,3,1 (3)
Spear's Defense roll: 5,5,4,4,1 (4)
Crouching, he rolls under your attack, then places himself back into position.
Stomping his foot in a annoyed way, he lunges at you!
Spear's attack Roll: 6,5,5,4,1 (4)
Bubble's Defence Roll: 6,6,5,5,3 (4)
He barely manages to graze at you, dealing no damage!
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:45
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:46
(I believe we can say your Move has worn down now)
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:46
With Spear missing him by a breadth, Bubble spread his gauntlets out wide, in an attempt to grab Spear's head and throws him to the ground
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:48
Bubble's attack roll: 5,4,2,2,1 (2)
Spear's Defense roll: 6,5,3,2,1 (2)
Backing off at the last second, Spear narrowly dodge your grab attempt!
"Not bad, but not enough!"
Being too close for proper wielding of his spear, he goes for a good jab at your face!
Spear's Attack Roll: 6,6,5,2,1 (3)
(This is getting stressful)
Bubble's Defense Roll: 6,6,4,3,1 (3)
You tilt your head just in time, feeling the breeze on your face!
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:53
Not the face!
Wanting to return the gesture, Bubble pushes himself from his position and swat at Spear's head again
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:54
Bubble's Attack roll: 6,6,5,2,1 (3)
Spear's Defence Roll: 5,4,4,3,1 (3)
The Spectators cheer for the tight fight happening as you both seem to be on equal ground, trying to get that decisive hit!
"Damn it, you're resilient! Just lose already!"
This time He goes for a Kick!
Spear's attack roll: 6,5,5,4,1 (4)
Bubble's Defence Roll: 6,6,4,4,3 (4)
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:57
(are you kidding..)
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 00:58
( I swear, those are the real results. )
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 00:59
The kick might have connected if Bubble still have his feet, cuz he is sloppier with those
Hours on flying sim however made him more mobile with the thrusters
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 01:00
"Seriously! At this point We're going to time out!"(édité)
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 01:01
Disengaging, and trying to catch his breath, Bubble replied "well if we do, we know who's the winner"
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 01:02
Spear, taking a defensive position, steps back.
"You can always forfeit."
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 01:02
"Or, I can do this. [Moratorium]!"
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 01:02
Clearly annoyed, Spear lunges at you again!
Spear's Attack roll: 5,4,4,3,2 (3)
Bubble's Defense roll: 6,5,5,4,3 (4)
The attack, due to his annoyment was predictable, allowing you to dodge it without problem.
This fight, having taken a bad start for you seems to not be about to end soon.
Glass Bubble: HP: 10% KG: 60%
Azure Spear: HP: 90% KG: 70%
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 01:08
Bubble hold onto the spear that misses him, and maneuver into Spear's range to deliver a well-meaning punch
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 01:09
Bubble's Attack Roll: 6,5,3,2,2 (2)
Spear's Defense Roll: 6,4,2,1,1 (1)
Your Punch Connects!
Bubble's Damage roll: 5,4,4,1 (3)
Glass Bubble: HP: 10% KG: 75%
Azure Spear: HP: 75% KG: 100%
That was a good hit. Spear dropped his spear.
But now, his eyes shine even brigther.
He Dashes and goes for a left hook!
Spear's Attack roll: 4,3,2,1,1 (0)
Bubble's Defense Roll: 6,4,3,1,1 (1)
His attack was sloppy, and by merely stepping back, you avoided it!
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 01:15
He dropped his spear!?
Not sure what Spear is planning, Bubble decided that he might as well answer fists with fists
Bubble aimed a chop at Spear's torso
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 01:16
bubble's attack roll: 6,4,3,3,1 (2)
Spear's Defence Roll: 6,5,5,4,1, (4)
Your chop was poorly executed, giving Spear a better chance to counter!
Spear goes for a knee attack!
Spear's Attack roll: 6,5,5,3,3,1 (3)
Bubble's Defense roll: 5,5,4,2,1 (3)
And once again, bubble manages to block it!
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 01:19
And once more, this means another opening for an attack, and Bubble goes for it with another chop(édité)
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 01:19
Bubble's Attack roll: 6,4,2,2,2 (2)
Spear's defense roll: 5,5,2,1,1 (1)
The chop connects!
damage roll: 6,3,1,1 (1)
Glass Bubble: HP: 10% KG: 80%
Azure Spear: HP: 70% KG: 100%
Grunting, Spear puts all of his anger in his next attack!
Spear's Attack roll: 6,5,3,3,3 (2)
Bubble's Defence Roll: 5,5,2,2,2 (2)
Bubble's Attack roll: 6,4,3,3,2 (2)
Spear's Denfese roll: 6,6,3,3,2 (2)
(Imagine a Star platinum vs the World now...)
Spear's attack roll: 6,4,4,3,2 (3)
Bubble's defense roll: 6,5,3,3,2 (2)
After a intense exenge of blows, Spear manage to score an uppercut!
The final uppercut, connecting with the glass avatar's chin was powerful enough to remove was little hp it had left... 6,6,6,4,4,4,3,3,2,1 (6)
With an explosion of data, Bubble is defeated. But he gave one hell of a fight!
Alvaar - lundi dernier à 01:27
"Ah well.. It was a-"
Bubble disperses.
Miale of the Void - lundi dernier à 01:28
"Well fought man, I'll be looking forward next match."
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