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[Approved] [Example Character] Sunray Architect - Chika Sasaki

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[Approved] [Example Character] Sunray Architect - Chika Sasaki

Post by Destination on Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:20 pm

Part One


+ Name: Chika Sasaki (佐々木 千夏)
+ Age: 13
+ Height & Weight: 1.57m, 45 kg
+ Face claim Picture:

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+ History:

Chika is the only daughter of two professional architects who married out of convenience. Her parents hoped that she would follow in her footsteps and purchased a Neuro Linker for her since birth to educate her as fast as possible, planning her path to adulthood. From a young age, all she was taught was everything relevant to making a building.

But it was not her interest, and for awhile she became fascinated with spinning objects. When she was seven, she attended her father's exhibition and became engrossed in a beautiful revolving glass cabinet. Tragically, the cabinet's base was fragile and it toppled over with a catastrophic crash. Not only did Chika smash the cabinet into smithereens, it had also shattered her father's models. In a fit of rage, Chika's father slapped her in front of everyone, and left her to cry helplessly while he tried to salvage his work. Her mother looked on disapprovingly and when the family returned home, Chika received the worst scolding she had ever had.

Chika began to believe that her parents loved her only if she could create something as magnificent and as grandeur as her parents. Desiring their love and attention, she threw herself into studies, shoving aside her innate dislike for it - she wished to create a beautiful world for her parents to be proud of her. (223 words)

+ Personality:

Loud and attention-seeking, Chika likes being the center of attention, showing off her handicrafts and bracelets, and discussing fashion with friends. She aims to graduate with top marks and earn a degree in Architecture. Often, she is quick to point out someone's or something's flaws, even rudely so, instantly earning her friends and enemies.

However, she is distant and reserved with her parents. She barely speaks to her mother and never talks to her father when she sees him. Neither of them want to get close without being hurt - not until Chika believes she has created the perfect model to show to her parents. (104 words)

+ Clothing & Accessories: Chika likes yellow accessories - a ribbon in her hair and a bracelet are her favourites. She dislikes transparent and glass accessories - they make her uncomfortable.

Part Two


+ Name: Sunray Architect
+ Height: 1.69m
+ Parent: TBA
+ Weight Class: Lightweight
+ Appearance Claim: TBA

Insert Image here

+ Appearance Description: Sunray Architect is a slim yellow avatar that wields a plain-looking staff, high boots, with a ribbon on her head that matches Chika's ribbon.

Part Three


+ Stats

+ Abilities & Armaments
++ Name: Pen Tool
++ Picture: Appears to be a long, slim tablet stylus with several small buttons on its handgrip.
++ Description: The Pen Tool is Chika's means of drawing lines, dots, and shapes on the terrain. She can draw a long-lasting line in bright yellow with its tip and erase it with the opposite end.
++ Weaknesses: It is difficult to draw with Pen Tool on rough and wet surfaces, or on Stages such as Rotting Forest where there are no good surfaces for her to draw on.

++ Name: Sketch Out!
++ Picture: NA
++ Description: Chika points at one of her lines with Pen Tool to select it and commands it to extrude a solid crystalline surface as long as she has it selected. The surface is translucent and can take her avatar's weight.
++ Weaknesses: Chika cannot Sketch Out! without having drawn anything to use. Surfaces or objects she has created with Sketch Out! can be destroyed as well by attacking them, and this counts as Stage Destruction for her opponent.

+ Special Move
++ Name: Disintegrate
++ Cost: 70% Special Gauge
++ Description: With the touch of a button on Pen Tool, Chika commands all surfaces and objects she has made with Sketch Out! to disintegrate immediately into millions of glass shards.
++ Weaknesses: Chika cannot use Erase if she does not have Pen Tool with her.

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Re: [Approved] [Example Character] Sunray Architect - Chika Sasaki

Post by Miale-Sempai on Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:49 am

Alright, show them how creativity is dangerous.
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