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High-Speed Assassin

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High-Speed Assassin

Post by Feury on Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:23 pm

Part One:


+ Name: Camille,Kaminashi (True Name Camille, Ferros)
+ Age: 15
+ Height & Weight: 5'3 85 lbs
+ Face claim Picture:
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More Pictures:

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+ History: 
Camille Ferros is the only Daughter of Ray, and Summer Ferros Owners of the Ferros Technology advancement company. Camille's parents were murdered on the day they were about to reveal one of their biggest advancements yet no one saw the murder as it took place in their office on the 50th floor of the company building, Camille was 7 years old when this happened. coming over the next month Camille was adopted into a close friend of the family the Kaminashi's. Camille's brain over a few years of living with the Kaminashi's subconsciously Repressed the memory of her old parents, the murder, and any connection she even had with the old company, forgetting her own last name and adopting the name of the Kaminashi's and treating them all as family. 

Camille grew up after that point in a middle class society not really having to struggle for much as her adopted parents tried to give her the life they believe she deserved. at the age of 10 Camille started to have a recurring dream every week about a fantasy family, this wonderful, perfect family, She treasured these dreams even though they were not real. These dreams were of course of the family she had repressed. 5 years have gone by and Camille is now 15 years old and attending her 3rd year of junior high when one day, her older sister Nozomi asked her if she would be interested in a game. Camille looked confused but happily responded with a yea sure why not. Nozomi was complacent as she had no fear that brain burst would install with no issues, Nozomi then went on telling her the rules involved like not removing her Neuro Linker until tomorrow and so forth. 

The night of the installation Camille had the dream of her Fantasy Family once again but more seemed to happen this time, this once fantasy like dream soon turned into a nightmare. it started like the dream normally does with a family dinner, she is unable to see any color or detail in anyone other than herself but this was normal she never actually could see the faces of this fake dream family, but then seemingly out of nowhere another black figure appeared and slaughtered her family. It was then that the black figure started to leave, Camille began to cry and ran towards that blacked figure "take me with you". suddenly a bright flash of light appears and a mysterious echoing voice asked, Is that your wish?
+ Personality: 
Camille is a vary happy person most of the time not really getting upset over anything, she treats her older sister like her best friend. Camille will often day dream and thing about random things like her dream or maybe even what she would have for dinner. shes a generally smart person who never really was an over achiever nor a lazy slouch. she only had one after school activity and that was a gymnastics club she was apart of that her older sister was the captain of.

+ Clothing & Accessories: Camille always wears these sapphire earrings that her adopted parents bought her for her 15th birthday which happened 4 months ago, or so they say they were actually Camille's Birth mother's earrings. other than that she wears a normal attire.

Part Two


+ Name: High-Speed Assassin (High-speed is a type of iron called High-speed Iron)
+ Height: 5'6 
+ Parent: Nozomi Kaminashi (adopted older sister age 16 as of the day of giving camille brain burst)
+ Weight Class: Lightweight
+ Appearance Claim:[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

+ Appearance Description: Her Sharp Bladed Legs are the most noticeable Part about her then you have her Grappling Hook Hips She is also an Avatar with hair. .... Nuff Said  

Part Three


+ Stats

Power: 6
Defense: 1
Potency: 2


Slashing/Piercing/blunt: High-Speed iron is a vary hard and sharp material used in a lot of power tools the material is vary strong to slashing and piercing type attack while still offering a vary small bonus to defense versus blunt attacks due to its hard nature +3 to slashing and piercing +1 to blunt

Fire/lighting: High-Speed Iron is extremely resistant to heat reaching up to 500 degrees Celsius without losing hardness or sharpness so i would say a +3 or+4 to defense on heat attack

Poison/Corrosion: due to its metal aspect its is immune to poison and corrosion as it is used in mining tolls and is a vary durable material

Ice/Cold: now this is its biggest weakness High-speed iron doesn't do well in the cold if you have High_speed Iron sitting in cold weather and not being used it will have to be heated back up before it will work properly again -3 or-4 to defense.

+ Abilities & Armaments
++ Name: Bladed Legs(specialized body part)
++ Picture: In Avatar Picture
++ Description: the bladed legs are her main form of attacking as they are apart of her body they are sharp on both sides but still offer great balance for walking due to the joint like knee it has
++ Weaknesses: someone breaks my legs of ... i guess? 0.o

++ Name: Grappling Hook/Garrote wire (specialized body part)
++ Picture: again in the Avatar Picture
++ Description: they are a thick grappling wire made of the same material as her whole avatar. they can be extended to a max range of 150Ft and can pull High-speed Assassin to the location of impact, they may also support her weight and slowly descend or hover at any given distance within the 150Ft range. they may also be used as Garrote Wires to wrap around targets cutting and restraining a target.
++ Weaknesses: missing the targeted location and or the area they are grappled onto is not stable enough and breaks lose.

+ Special Move
++ Name: Precision protocol
++ Type: Single-Target Burst
++ Cost: 50%
++ Description: Precision protocol is an enhanced attack that completely ignores the targets defense as if it were a 0 and causing her damage dice to be applied on 2,3,4,5,and 6's due to her immense precision
++ Weaknesses: it is a one shot attack that requires a lot of prep to land and a lot of KG to use


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