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Character Sheet Template

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Character Sheet Template

Post by Miale-Sempai on Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:57 am

Part One:


+ Name: (First Name), (Last Name) You can use English, Japanese, or any other common language. But separate them with a comma.
+ Age: Minimum age of 12, Maximum age of 18.
+ Height & Weight: Self explanatory.
+ Face claim Picture: Post the direct link or it may not display. In addition to the picture, you are allowed no more than 50 words of description.

Insert Picture here

+ History: 400 words or fewer. We check with this free word counter. And if you need help with writing a backstory, I reccommend reading this informative post by Royal Duke.
+ Personality: 200 words or fewer.
+ Clothing & Accessories: 100 words or fewer. Write only about significant accessories your character wears or carries if it is a part of their History.

Part Two


+ Name: (Colour Word / Metal) + (Verb, Noun, or loanword). For ambiguous colours like Royal, Neon, and certain gems, specify which hue of colour and how dark or light it is.
+ Height: You can be creative, but be realistic. Don't make your avatar a giant or a dwarf without reason.
+ Parent: None if you're an Originator
+ Weight Class: Lightweight / Middleweight / Heavyweight
+ Appearance Claim:

Insert Image here

+ Appearance Description: 100 words or fewer. Pick one or two outstanding features and write about 50 words per feature.

Part Three


+ Stats
Insert stats here

+ Abilities & Armaments
++ Name: Enhanced Armament / Pet Name
++ Picture: Optional. If you can't find it, you have 100 more words to describe it.
++ Description: 100 words maximum.
++ Weaknesses: What will ruin its day?

+ Special Move
++ Name: Special Move Name
++ Type: Single-Target or AoE? Lock-on or Skillshot? Does it nuke or slowly damage over time? Or do you prefer a utility Special Move?
++ Cost: Be reasonable. Too high and you'll never use it more than once; too low and it'll have too much bang for your buck.
++ Description: 200 words. One Special Move at Level 1.
++ Weaknesses: 100 words.

Template to copy and paste without the guiding text:

[center][size=24]Part One[/size]


[b]+ Name:[/b] (First Name), (Last Name)
[b]+ Age:[/b]
[b]+ Height & Weight:[/b]
[b]+ Face claim Picture:[/b]

[center]Insert Picture here[/center]

[b]+ History:[/b] 400 words or fewer. We check.
[b]+ Personality:[/b] 200 words or fewer.
[b]+ Clothing & Accessories:[/b] 100 words.

[center][size=24]Part Two[/size]


[b]+ Name:[/b]
[b]+ Height:[/b]
[b]+ Parent:[/b]
[b]+ Weight Class:[/b]
[b]+ Appearance Claim:[/b]

[center]Insert Image here[/center]

[b]+ Appearance Description:[/b] 100 words or fewer.

[center][size=24]Part Three[/size]


[b]+ Stats[/b]
Insert stats here

[b]+ Abilities & Armaments[/b]
++ [b]Name:[/b] Enhanced Armament / Pet Name
++ [b]Picture:[/b] Optional
++ [b]Description:[/b]
++ [b]Weaknesses:[/b]

[b]+ Special Move[/b]
++ [b]Name:[/b] Special Move Name
++ [b]Cost:[/b]
++ [b]Description:[/b] 200 words.
++ [b]Weaknesses:[/b] 100 words.
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