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Our Story, Our setting.

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Our Story, Our setting.

Post by Miale-Sempai on Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:32 am

Year 2060.

9 years ago, the Brain Burst game project ended. Nobody knows how it ended, for nobody can remember it. Whether Silver Crow won or the player base vanished, the game ended.

2 months after, though suspicious murder cases and databases hacked, not a single byte of the existence of Accel Assault, Brain Burst & Cosmos Corrupt was left. Except for one. Hidden in a single USB key, was the source code for BB2039.exe.

10 years ago, the island city of Elysium was founded. Using various Technological advances, the Gigantic City towers proudly in the pacific ocean. Being a beacon for knowledge, more than a Million person moved to the giant city in less than a year. Now with a population of around 20 million, the city is completely independent from every countries, able to sustain itself properly and being technologically superior in every field. The security of such a large population being difficult to handle, the task was given to many A.I. to watch over the population through the billions of cameras dispersed through the city.

6 months ago, someone with the knowledge of Brain Burst surfaced, planning to use it in Elysium, believing that it might be a much better place to conduct the final experiment.

Last week, a new program has been spreading amongst the young population of Elysium.


The Last battle of acceleration has begun.

The Technological wonder has 6 levels:
The first level: The Residential city, The sky gazing town.
Second level: The Commercial Zone, where most Shopping malls and Industry related buildings are located.
Third Level & Fourth Levels: The infinite plains, where everything needed is grown to meet the population's need. 99% of those areas are not accessible to civilians. Field Workers only.
Fifth Level: Sea Level Development, Most technological research not conducted in the second level is made here. No civilians Allowed.
Last Level: Underwater Laboratories, No body is sure what is done in those levels, some speculate that is it a whole level made for breeding fish. Other think it is a place where the most dangerous experiments are made, far under the people's gaze. The truth has yet to be told, or maybe it is already known, and people need to gossip about something...

For the sake of our Roleplay, only areas 1 and 2 are accessible. Other areas might open up in the future. Each zone has it's own network which communicates with one another. It is currently impossible to challenge someone on another level.

For a better view of Levels 1 and 2:
Level 1 is a more residential place, with more parks and relaxing places, Conveniences stores and the like can be found here and there for ease of access.
Level 2 is a bustling industrial places, almost every factories are located there, and most shop are set in there.
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