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Spring Rain Ribbon (Waiting for Feedback)

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Spring Rain Ribbon (Waiting for Feedback)

Post by Fey Tsugu on Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:58 pm

Part One


+ Name: Ciel, Noh
+ Age: 17
+ Height & Weight: 177cm & 66kg
+ Face claim Picture:

+ History: Ciel is a teenager who went through bullying during his early ages, until he started defending himself. During that time, eventhough he was a really obedient child, he often got into fights with other children, that tried to bully him or just treated him in a manner that he judged to be bad.
As he matured, his aggressive nature calmed down and he began to strongly adapt the way he acted and spoke depending on how he wanted things to turn out.
That way, he became a socially skilled person who never got into trouble with anyone, while also being manipulativ at the same time.
Ciel is still of a kind nature and hates anything he deems bad to the point, where he wishes for those people to just disappear.
He often helps people. Not in order to help them, but because to him it is the right thing to do. On top of that he often manages to gain advantages through those actions.
The way he treats everyone and has no special/real connections to anyone made him at some point feel uncomfortable, since he was starting to wonder who he really was.
All his connections are just superficial and he hopes to find people with whom he can form real bonds, where he doesn't feel the need to filter his actions and thoughts. He doesn't care what kind of relations they are. If they are friendship, love, hatred, trust, rivalery, ... He just wishes for pure and true connection with others.

+ Personality: Basically he is a person who wants to protect himself and his ideal of what is good and at the same time just so happens to help or protect other people.
Ciel is also an openminded, yet calculating and manipulativ person, that lost himself inside his personalities, because his personas arsenal ranges through out different characteristical extremes.
He hopes to find people he can form true bonds with and find himself again.  

Part Two


+ Name: Springrain Ribbon
+ Class: Frontliner
+ Height: 176cm
+ Appearance Claim:

+ Appearance Description: Ribbon is a frail looking avatar, that holds heavy armor on both of his lower arms, lower legs, chest, shoulders and head.
Ribbon's body is made out of warm water with a fresh and glittering green timbre. The armor possesses bonds, which are float around Ribbons body.
The visor aswell as the whole bodies timbre can change depending on the ribbon-link.

++Relation Between Human and Avatar:
The liquid main body comes from his characteristic of adapting to everything the same way water fits into any jar.
His resistance comes of him protecting his ideals and the personas that are like a shell.
His ability is the manifestation of his wish to be able to truely connect with people.

Part Three


+ Abilities & Armaments
++ Name: Ribbon-Gear
++ Description: Strong defensive gear with attached ribbons that can fulfill different purposes.
The ribbons themselves in their normal state are elastical and float around while not being actively used.
When being used, their mouvement can be freely controlled.
The special properties of those ribbons are:
- The edges are sharp
- They can also be hardened to be used as swords, a drill, a shield or to grab things
- Their lenght can be doubled for a short moment. (0.5 seconds)
- Their base length is 250cm
- The ribbons are elastical when not hardened
- They can move at high speed (In relation to his reaction time)
- They aren't affected by temperature

Ribbon can sense the exact location of her gear, move them at will and is able to create different tools such as swords, drills, springs and shields using the ribbon gear.

++ Ribbon Regeneration: The Ribbon-Gear takes 5 turns to regenerate ribbons when damaged or destroyed
Cost: 4%/turn

++ Weaknesses:
Ribbon's body is liquid, which makes him weak to negative temperatures.
Besides, that very short moment in which a ribbon can be extended, they are mainly usable in close range.
Due to Ribbon's light weight, his attack strength is pretty low and he needs a second party to link with to grant himself a power-boost and actually become a threat.
Even though the gear itself isn't affected by temperature, higher gravity makes it harder to lift them.

+ Special Move
++ Name: Linking Bonds (-type)
++ Type: Single-Target/Contact/Utility
++ Cost: 10% (Preemptive activation)
++ Duration: Continous
++ Distance: 500m
++ Description: The abilty needs to be activated preemptively, which will make Ribbon shine in a certain colour timbre related to the "Bond-type".
By getting into contact with another DA through direct or indirect means, a mark will be set on the target.
Afterwards, Ribbon can choose to activate the bond during the 3 following turns.
The linked DA will start shining in the same colour.
The bond can only be termintaed by using the same link type on another DA, exceeding the range, one's death or a burst out.
Upon a finishing blow, the pain will not be inflicted to the partner.
++ Weaknesses: Only one link can be established at a time.
Upon losing a link with someone, all gained benefits through that DA are instantly lost.

++ Bond-types:
Sharing Bond:
Level 1:
A bond that lets you share the strength of eachothers bodies at the cost of also sharing the pain you feel.
++ Activation Cost: 40%
++ Duration: Continous
++ Colour: Cherryblossom Pink
++ Description: Both DAs share part of their strength with their partner and share damage they take with their partner.
++ Statboost:
Shared Strength: Increasing the DA's abilities such as strength, endurance and speed by gaining part of their respective partners strength.
The gain is proportional to the partners strength. Meaning, that a weaker partner will only give a slight increase and stronger partner a bigger increase.
Shared Potential: Whenever one DA gains points on his KG the partner will also experience a gain of 50% (rounded down) of that value.
Shared Pain: Split Damge taken 50/50 with the partner.

++ Weaknesses: Selfinflicted damage will also be shared

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Re: Spring Rain Ribbon (Waiting for Feedback)

Post by Miale-Sempai on Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:44 am

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