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Ikeda, Houji (WIP)

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Ikeda, Houji (WIP)

Post by Grunt on Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:37 pm

Part One


+ Name: Houji Ikeda
+ Age: 15
+ Height & Weight: Average, slightly overweight
+ Face claim Picture:

Insert Picture here

+ History: Houji's father and mother broke up very early on in his childhood. Regularly changing situations for both his parents meant for him, that he had to constantly alternate between them. He lived a couple of months with his mother, followed by a couple years with his father, followed by a couple years with his mother again, moving to a new city along the way, twice, followed by another year with his father. As a way to keep in touch with his friends from back then, he began playing video games, much to the delight of the overworked parents. He fully embraced the many worlds he visited with his friends, with wonder, with joy and curiosity. At the beginning everything went well, but soon he and his friends grew apart. With time their interactions receded. Everyone had to follow their own way of life eventually, maybe it was better this way. But Houji couldn't ignore his feeling of dissapointment. Afterall he had invested so much time with his friends from back then, that he lost touch with the people he currently went to school with. Eventually he gave up making friends, he became a shut-in, and soon, lost the motivation to make friends in school altogether. No one bullied him, but no one cared for him either. That was until puberty and high school began. What are his dreams, what should become of his life when he becomes an adult? Whats with this growing feeling of lonliness?

(something in between, maybe relating to a parent/guardian burst linker)

That night, he dreamed. He was in an unfamiliar apartement, all by himself. There was nothing that belonged to his father, nothing that belonged to his mother. Just a bleak and empty looking apartement. Then the scenery changed. People surrounded him. Happy faces, excited voices, loving gestures, girls. Things he had no experience with. They passed by in groups of friends or families, no one noticed him. He was alone amidst a sea of people. His body grew heavy with the rising realization, that he wanted that all. Slowly a gap opened up between himself and his surrounding. He called, no one answered, no one heard him. He began to sink in, into the solid ground beneath his feet. He felt as though, the abyss was swallowing him up. Moments later he began to break under the immense pressure of darkness, he yelled, no voice, he struggled, no power. He could only watch, voiceless and saddened, while above him was a sweeter place to be, forever out of his reach. The darkness became heavier and heavier, and with time he closed his teary eyes. Next morning he woke up, his face was tearstained.

+ Personality: Houji is inept with social interactions. To people who don't know him he comes off as either being shy or as being overly erratic. At times he has his good moments, and one might think that he really is a kind boy at heart, only for him to botch it just a few moments later. His obsessive nature, impatience and desire for recognition are more often than not an obstacle. Despite his efforts to positively amaze his peers, his true wish is to belong to and fit in to his social environment, nothing more.
On the flipside, close friends and family know him as a bright mind, with faults to scold and a lot of traits to like for. He knows that he is his own worst enemy, and he is determined to change that.

+ Clothing & Accessories: 100 words.

Part Two


+ Name: Oxblood Pattern (colour is placeholder)
+ Height: Average
+ Parent:
+ Weight Class: Average
+ Appearance Claim:


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

+ Appearance Description: A cloak, that reaches down to the upper half of the thighs. + reinforced, armoured gauntlets

Part Three


+ Stats (not sure what colour to pick. Oxblood is placeholder)
StatsBaseColour Bonus: ?Total
+ Abilities & Armaments
++ Name: Coat of Arms
++ Picture: Optional
++ Description: Coat of Arms, is used to parry and block attacks. His reinforced gauntlets (technically not part of his armament) and his cloak serve as two separate, weak layers of protection. Both absorb damage to rapidly fuel the EX-gauge. The coat will deteriorate quickly, it will regenerate with time however. That means Oxblood Pattern needs to retreat, so he can regenerate protection (and therefore gain back his superior ex-gauge generation) and charge forth again. He has stronger than average power in his legs, which translates into mobility and jumping power.
Oxblood Pattern is a teamplayer... or to put it bluntly, a ganker, a henchman. On the battlefield he constantly shifts position back and forth. When he fights at the front, he uses grappling techniques and simple hand-to-hand combat, similiar to what police forces use.

++ Weaknesses: The protection is not quite reliable. Defense relies on misdirection and successfull engagements.

+ Normal Move
++ Name: Requisition
++ Type: Weapon Conjure
++ Cost:
++ Description: Requisition gives Oxblood Pattern his name and lets him conjure predesigned, single-time use weapons underneath his coat (hence 'Coat of Arms'). These weapons will break soon after the first couple of attacks. It consumes ex-energy. 'Pattern: Dagger' is cheap and is used in hand-to-hand combat. It can be thrown. 'Pattern: Poleaxe' is used when Oxblood Pattern needs more range and kinetic force, it is his personal favourite because of its range. Ex-energy can be spend to drastically increase the length and mass of the poleaxe, therefore attacks from behind the frontline are possible. If an unsuspecting enemy is taken off-guard or is beaten, Oxblood Pattern may use 'Pattern: Bind' to summon chains or handcuffs to take him prisoner. Alternatively it can be used to make obstacles or restrict enemy movements. Additionally Oxblood Pattern may alter one of his standart patterns, if he is given 5 - 15 minutes. He then will replace the previous pattern he had saved in his memory. Any Conjure can be upgraded by using ex-energy, though in his standart set-up most of the time it only makes sense with 'Pattern: Poleaxe'. The cloak he wears masks the movements of his hands underneath it, and helps when Oxblood tries feints and misdirects. The opponent may realize Oxblood's intentions when its to late, maybe a thrown dagger is suddenly stuck between his ribs, maybe he find his hands handcuffed when he prepared himself for a brutal power attack instead.
++ Weaknesses: (W.I.P.)
- Inferior to dedicated melee, because of lack of durability and avatar strength
- dependend on ex gauge meter

+ Special Move
++ Name: Boltcaster
++ Cost:
++ Description: 200 words. Oxblood Pattern can deal great damage if he uses his Finisher, a huge science-fantasy looking Bow and Arrow, the Boltcaster. It shoots explosive bolts of red light while the bow itself radiates a warm "creamy" white. Orange sparks occur, when bolts are shot or the bow is making hard contact with something solid.
++ Weaknesses: 100 words.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Re: Ikeda, Houji (WIP)

Post by Grunt on Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:40 pm

help is much appreciated. please give feedback! I'm aware, that some of his mechanics may not translate well into the combat system.

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