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Acadia Van Chromium [Work in Progress]

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Acadia Van Chromium [Work in Progress]

Post by Katia Van Kreuzer on Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:47 pm

Part One
The Controller


+ Name: Acadia Van Chromium
+ Nickname: Cad Chan [most of the times pronounced as Cat Chan]
+ Height: 167cm
+ Weight: 60kg
+ Gender: Female
+ Age:
+ Face claim Picture: N/A [included in accurate depiction (see below)]

+ Appearance Description: She has smooth and soft golden blonde hair combed nicely and divided into a pair of short twin tails that stretches down to her shoulder height. Naturally, her hair is rather dry however that problem was easily resolved through the usage of pricey hair conditioners.

Acadia has ivory colored eyes with black pupils.

Her skin is unblemished and hold a color tone that is best described as light Beige. She prefers to keep herself in doors or avoid the sun as much as possible as she has discovered years prior that her skin is highly sensitive to sun light and does not appreciate the exposure. Even if she greases herself all over with sun block, at most her endurance in the sun would last for around 30 minutes before she'll be at risk for sunburn.

Acadia is built rather elegantly and attractively. She is sufficiently tall enough for her to gain recognition and also a slim body that allows her clothing to highlight some of her feminine features. She has a medium lengthened body and also slim legs. It should also be noted she has a slightly longer neck compared to the average person which would sometimes truthfully mean that she has lots of authority.

Acadia attends a private school (a good one! Not those here take my money, give me good grades types. But a good one! More on that later...) and has been allowed to make significant modifications to her uniform due to the fact that she is one on the honor roll. It starts with a pair of black, heeled ankle boots and also a pair of black leggings leading up to her frilly grey skirt. She then wears a white T-shirt underneath a body-tight black, thin material sleeveless embroidered coat (Just try to imagine a British navy Admiral ceremonial dress uniform with golden buttons and golden linings except adapted for a female version and made and looks light for hot and humid temperatures) with a black leather belt. She also wears a white synthetic fur cape that covers her shoulder frontwards and back. As a final touch, she wears a tiny black hat on her head for comical purposes.

Near accurate picture:
+ Personality:In life Acadia is a self motivated, elegant and organized person. She always puts life ahead of gaming as she employs a strict no no for games during class sessions. In other words, regardless of what is happening in game, she cares not and does not desire to know any of it until she does her class transitions or during her lunch break. Acadia is also an excellent person to be around and have as a friend. She goes beyond what was asked in order to help her fellow colleagues. She adores drinking coffee, a lot! One cannot find her without at least two cups everyday, her favorite brew is Kopi Luwak and she keeps a secret stash of it weighing twenty fives pounds stored somewhere in the student council room which she shares with her fellow colleagues in crime (exaggeration). She is also an excellent coffee brewer.
+ Physical Traits: (Included in appearance)
+ Clothing: (Included in appearance)
+ Accessories: (included in appearance)
+ History: Born in England, Raised in Japan! Its Kongo Desu!

Jokes aside, Acadia was born in England to a German father and a British mother. A few months later her father found work overseas working at the Mitsubishi head office in Tokyo Japan and thus he brought his entire family along with him during the migration. Growing up in Tokyo was pretty exciting for her as she aged more and more. She picked up a habit of watching anime at around the age of six and was a constant episode follower to the point it eventually got annoying and her early grades declined, something her father was not OK about. A solution was formulated and executed successfully afterwards and helped curve her away from being an Otaku.

At around the age of 8, she was withdrawn from public school by her father whom sought after a better education for his daughter. Also at around this point in time she was graced by the presence of her newly born younger brother whom she regards to as a bit of a rat nowadays. A few months after her withdrawal, she was entered into a German themed international private school which offered an array of endorsed programs by the Japanese ministry of education. A majority of its faculty being former IB professors thus the curriculum can be said to be very similar to the International Baccalaureate program.

Continuing with her schooling, she later came to be an honors student by grade 6 with an overall high average and has remained that way ever since. It was also this time when she was introduced to Brain Burst online by her upperclassman and future student council president.

At first, she started off slow... really slow but slowly got better and soon became a proficient sharpshooter capable of hitting just about anything within a two mile radius earning her the nickname: 'Gluhen Rose'

One can also call her as a bit of a jackass as even though she is so profieicent in terms of skill. She has chosen to remain at level one to supposedly: 'Farm dem noobs' or 'Seal clubbing'
Part Two
The Duel Avatar


+ Name:  Nachtwächter
+ Height: 189cm
+ Gender: Female
+ Parent: Scout sniper
+ Appearance Claim: [N/A]

+ Appearance Description: The night watcher appears like a normal human being.
+ Physical Traits:
+ Role-play Sample:

Part Three
The Details




Stealth – 50 (40+DEX)
Observation – 70 (60+DEX)
Abilities and/or Armaments

+ Name: Das Schnee Kreig
+ Type: Scoped rifle
+ Description: A sniper rifle with huge resemblance to a vintage WWII Karabiner 98K however it has been retrofitted with futuristic technologies making it more lethally accurate and also fires a .50 caliber round. The ammunition used is a SLAPI round with a phosphorus based incendiary mixture. While it has a relatively low fire rate of fifteen rounds per minute (including reload) if one shot hits. The victim is going to feel it
+ Weaknesses:
The rifle is rather heavier than expected thus hindering it user's agility slightly. It is also only meant and designed for long-medium ranged combat making it virtually useless during close quarters. Add on, the shooter must pick her shots carefully as ammunition is limited per battle to only 45 bullets and it produces a rather ear shattering sound each time it is fired requiring the shooter the relocate constantly to avoid detection.

Sketch appearance of rifle:

+ Name: -Skill-
+ Type:
+ Cost:
+ Description:

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Re: Acadia Van Chromium [Work in Progress]

Post by Destination on Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:29 pm

Hello Katia. Don't worry about stats first, I think we have plenty to work on about your duel avatar and controller. Those stats are from Miale's system and she's currently working on that, so it's understandable that they're a little confusing. Meanwhile, let's work with what you have first, and we'll be having lots to discuss.

To keep my comments short, you're missing the forest for the trees. While I applaud the amount of effort creating a detailed, imaginative character and combatant, while some of your ideas could be used, you skipped over the most interesting part of the character: her trauma and how she reacted to it. Although you spend lots of time and effort writing about her parentage and upbringing, you didn't say how or what made Acadia create a duel avatar - in fact, I'm not even sure what colour it is.

Duel Avatar names, appearances and skillsets don't really operate on symbolism as much as on a hyperbole, to put it in layman's terms, of the Burst Linker's innermost strongest desire. Silver Crow obtained wings because he wanted to reach out and join his hands with those of others, regardless of distance. Cyan Pile obtained a Pile Bunker due to his anger towards his kendo upperclassmen who tied him up and practiced thrusting motions with their swords on him, leading him to want to line them up and pierce their throats with a stake. Lime Bell has a time reversal ability due to life experiences, starting with her father suffering from throat cancer, making her wish for things to stay well forever. The common thing between the trio is how they have wished for something and it has been translated into the main focus of their avatar: Silver Crow flies. Cyan Pile pierces. Lime Bell rewinds. However, I can't get a clear grasp of what Night Watcher does - her identity is somewhere in between 'supersoldier port' and 'sniper.'

Many of our active members chat regularly on the Discord, and I myself am quite active (timezone aside, I'm on often and read the backlog).  It provides for a much faster exchange of information that can lead to a better awesome in less amount of time. Come on over and let's see how we can go over your character!

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Re: Acadia Van Chromium [Work in Progress]

Post by Miale-Sempai on Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:15 am

Just saying but the stat system you used is outdated. forgot to remove it from both posts and sheets.
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Re: Acadia Van Chromium [Work in Progress]

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