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Rai Hatakeda (Scarlet Fragger){WIP}

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Rai Hatakeda (Scarlet Fragger){WIP}

Post by Wojtek on Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:48 pm

Part One
The Controller


+ Name: Rai Hatakeda (Hatakeda Rai Hatakeda )
+ Nickname: Chad
+ Height: 182 cm
+ Weight: 72.5 kg
+ Gender: Male
+ Age: 16 1/2


+ Face claim Picture:  By Gina

+ Appearance Description: Tall lengthy sports player that looks like he would be a star at what ever he played. He does not have red eyes, they are a hazelnut green color. skin tone is a slightly tan from being out play sports so often.
+ Physical Traits: extremely athletic, and has the arm of a machine hard and dead accurate.  

+ Clothing: usually a hoodie, pants, and something to hide his face like a simple scarf or handkerchief. On certain occasions he wears a high collar, gray, wool jacket that has 4 front button pockets, two side button pockets, two open pockets and button Epaulet that is just a strip nothing fancy. He wears leather converse hi-tops.

+ Accessories: Neurolinker, mp3 player watch(newest one), and a pair of earbuds.


+ History:

+ Personality: Hard head, thinks with the mind of a hunter. Some people think he can register things faster than the normal human. Caring on the inside, and hard as Russia's western front. Has no patience what so ever and can a be a bit of a brat just a bit not a lot just a tiny little bit of brattyness*.

Character Template
Part Two
The Duel Avatar


+ Name: Scarlet Fragger
+ Height: 178 cm
+ Gender: Male
+ Parent: Jack/ Jade Catcher


+ Appearance Claim:

+ Appearance Description: Minus the jersey numbers and other team logos, He looks like a robot baseball player. He also has a bag on his back that match his armor color. The jersey is also flat to his body and forums around the armor underneath. The bag is full of baseballs, and he doesn't wear a mit.

+ Physical Traits: Lean and shorter than his normal self. More on the nimble side and uses his smaller frame to hide him self.

+ Role-play Sample:

Character Template
Part Three
The Details


Strength - 7
Constitution - 9
Agility - 4
Dexterity - 4

Abilities and/or Armaments

+ Name: Force Shield (Fōsushīrudo フォースシールド)
+ Type: Active Ability
+ Cost: 30%
+ Description: Nandor Force holds his hands out in front of him. A transparent green barrier forms in front of his hands. Blocks up to Force’s CON + STR in damage.
+ Weaknesses: Cannot move. Only blocks from the direction of the battier.

+ Name: Force Shove (Fōsu shōbu フォースショーブ)
+ Type: Active Ability
+ Cost: 10%
+ Description: Nandor Force makes a shoving motion with one hand. Pushes target back up to 2 meters. Uses STR vs. STR.
+ Weaknesses: Once per post. 1 meter range.


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