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The Titor Residence

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The Titor Residence

Post by EmeraldStag on Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:06 pm

I wrote this up out of boredom, and yet it in itself is kinda boring. Not really much of importance or significance happens in this first post, but I know I can do at least something with it later on.

Apartment No. 124: Titor Residence.

The apartment was dark and empty, shafts of early evening light entered in between the large plastic, vertical blinds. The light illuminated the spacious living room, hitting L shaped tan couch. In front of it was a small, dark wooden table that had faint cup rings left on it. A large television rests on the wall across from the couch. to the right of it is the kitchen and dining area. A hallway on the left side of the room leads to the bedrooms, bathroom, and front door. The electronic lock beeps  from the door as it is unlocked. The door bangs open as a boy enters the hallway. A tired voice resounds in the empty apartment.

“....I’m home.”  

He enters in, and closes the door behind him. He locks it back up and kicks off his shoes. As he walks down the hall, he opens the door to a room and throws his school bag into it, then shuts it again. His hand reaches for a light switch, bringing light to the once shadowed apartment. The red school uniform he dons looks wrinkled from the days classes, as a purple scarf hangs loosely around his neck. He reaches up to his necktie in order to loosen it as he plops himself down onto the couch. The scarf falls off of his neck, and a deep purple Neuro Linker shines in the light coming in from behind.

Nare sighs loudly. He had nothing to do at the moment, since it was still too early to make dinner. He didn’t have any shows to watch today, and nothing special was happening in the Net Games he plays from time to time. He literally had nothing to do. After a couple of minutes he get up and heads to his room. 15 minutes later he enters back into the living room wearing a blue t-shirt and black shorts. He flops back onto the couch and flicks through his screen till he turns on the Television and changes it to the news channel. This is what he does for some time...

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