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[Demonstration Duel!] Apple Panzer vs Finn Claymore!

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[Demonstration Duel!] Apple Panzer vs Finn Claymore!

Post by Royal Duke on Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:14 pm

Tusjecht's logs say it all:

[23:38] == Tusjecht [] has joined #diamond
[23:38] == Opt [] has joined #diamond
[23:38] <@Tusjecht> heh.
[23:38] Okay
[23:38] So
[23:38] == mode/#diamond [+o Opt] by Tusjecht
[23:39] <@Opt> whenever you're ready
[23:39] <@Tusjecht> let's begin.
[23:39] <@Tusjecht> Stage is Demonic City
[23:39] <@Opt> Sure
[23:39] <@Tusjecht> So next to no SP gained from stage
[23:39] <@Opt> Our location is...
[23:39] <@Opt> Minato
[23:39] <@Opt> Old Tokyo Tower top
[23:39] <@Tusjecht> With some girls by the side lounging around watching men fite
[23:40] <@Tusjecht> I am 'Apple Panzer'

[23:40] <@Opt> The two Duel Avatars appear
[23:40] <@Opt> About fifty metres away from you, at the other side of the pillar, materializes your opponent
[23:40] <@Opt> 'Finn Claymore'
[23:41] <@Tusjecht> Panzer squints through the darkness to spot his opponent.
[23:41] <@Opt> the moment you two materialize, he looks around, obviously confused
[23:41] <@Tusjecht> It's difficult to see in the dark stage.
[23:41] <@Tusjecht> and a couple of seconds is all he needs to scan their health gauges.
[23:41] <@Tusjecht> "...Finn...Claymore, huh."
[23:42] <@Opt> Right as you're doing that
[23:42] <@Tusjecht> "What in the name of Yamato is that."

[23:42] <@Opt> your opponent initiates a dash forward
[23:42] <@Opt> With his sword in his right hand
[23:42] <@Opt> His purple coloured armor shines in the dark
[23:43] <@Opt> Estimate distance between the two of you: 20 metres
[23:43] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore: 8 speed)
[23:43] <@Tusjecht> "Woah!"
[23:44] <@Tusjecht> Panzer sees the oncoming avatar and sidesteps to get outta the way.
[23:44] <@Tusjecht> (Apple Panzer: Speed 4)
[23:44] <@Opt> Finn Claymore makes no effort to chase
[23:44] <@Opt> Instead, as he advances, he presses a button of his weapon
[23:45] <@Opt> the blade splits in half, revealing a cannon hidden inside the blade!

[23:45] <@Opt> "Gunmore, fire!"
[23:45] <@Tusjecht> "wat"
[23:45] <@Tusjecht> "Argh!"
[23:45] <@Tusjecht> Panzer crouches and shields his head with his arms--
[23:45] <@Opt> (Ranged Prowess - 7 + 5 = 12 vs Apple Panzer's Endurance - 17)

5 points of difference between Claymore's attack and Panzer's defense in Panzer's favour. it's obvious who wins.

[23:45] <@Opt> However, the blow bounces off harmlessly
[23:45] <@Opt> "What the fuck?"
[23:45] <@Tusjecht> "...heh heh heh!"
[23:46] <@Opt> "Shit!"
[23:46] <@Tusjecht> Panzer stands straight up with a smirk on his face.
[23:46] <@Tusjecht> "seems like that cool sowrd of yours ain't so tough!
[23:46] <@Tusjecht> Panzer initiates a charge to close in on Claymore
[23:47] <@Opt> (Panzer's Melee Prowess = 10 + 4 vs Claymore's Endurance = 9 + 7 = 15)

[23:47] <@Opt> Claymore barely manages to dodge the charge
[23:48] <@Tusjecht> but Panzer twists
[23:48] <@Opt> His Health Gauge going down slightly with a *gluup*
[23:48] <@Tusjecht> and swings his other fist in an attempt to use his momentum
[23:48] <@Tusjecht> and barely connects.
[23:48] <@Tusjecht> The two stand off at close range.
[23:48] <@Opt> Then, Claymore presses a button again
[23:48] <@Opt> Transforming his weapon into a sword, and launches a slash!
[23:49] <@Tusjecht> Panzer almost lazily blocks it with his left arm
[23:49] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore's melee= 7 + 5 vs Panzer's 17 Endurance)

Same case here.

[23:49] <@Opt> And the sword bounces off harmlessly
[23:49] <@Tusjecht> and with his right fist, smashes in Claymore's face!
[23:49] <@Tusjecht> And with his height advantage
[23:49] <@Tusjecht> it's almost easy!
[23:50] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore is stunned, cannot use speed nor move = 9 endurance vs 14 melee prowess)

Panzer's Melee of 14 comes from adding his melee (10) with his speed (4).

[23:50] <@Tusjecht> not wasting a moment
[23:50] <@Opt> Apple Panzer's fist smashes right into Finn Claymore's face
[23:50] <@Opt> sending him flying to the edge of the stage
[23:50] <@Tusjecht> Panzer brings in his left fist again!
[23:51] <@Opt> -"I... dare you to do that again, motherfucker!"
[23:51] <@Tusjecht> "can't say I don't like it!"
[23:51] <@Opt> Finn Claymore advances, step by step, towards Apple Panzer"
[23:52] <@Opt> (Impact Strike set)

    Impact Strike: Based in kendo again. You predict your opponent’s action (attacking, defending a body part, whatever), but instead of taking the attack you attack before the other can. This requires a higher ranged prowess if ranged and a higher melee prowess if we’re in melee, as well as managing to predict what the opponent’ll do. Otherwise the same as above applies.

[23:52] <@Tusjecht> Panzer lazily moves forward.
[23:52] <@Tusjecht> complacency sets it, at some point in time.
[23:52] <@Tusjecht> His feet movement has become sloppy.
[23:56] <@Tusjecht> Panzer closes in on claymore
[23:56] <@Tusjecht> and tries a left uppercut!
[23:57] <@Opt> Before he can attack, however, Claymore thrusts in like lightning!
[23:57] <@Opt> (Melee Prowess 12 + 8 vs Apple Panzer's 14)
[23:57] <@Tusjecht> and Panzer's green body takes the hit before he can realise what just happened.
[23:57] <@Opt> His attack this time
[23:57] <@Opt> breaks through-!
[23:57] <@Opt> (Melee Prowess 20 vs Apple Panzer's 17 endurance)
[23:58] <@Opt> the sheer strength behind the attack
[23:58] <@Opt> would have usually been enough to deal damage, but...
[23:58] <@Opt> Apple Panzer's Passive Skill - Armored
[23:58] <@Opt> Resistance to all physical damage: Endurance + 6
[23:59] <@Opt> As a result, the blade again bounces off harmlessly

[23:59] <@Opt> "You son of a bitch! Is there no way to kill you!"
[23:59] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore: 80% Health Gauge)
[23:59] <@Opt> (Apple Panzer: 100% Health Gauge)
[00:00] <@Tusjecht> and Panzer just stands there for a moment, checking their health gauges...
[00:00] <@Tusjecht> ...and then he just laughs and laughs and LAUGHS.
[00:00] <@Opt> "Laugh it up while you can, fucker."
[00:01] <@Opt> Saying that, Finn Claymore dashes in the opposite direction while changing his blade's shape into a cannon again
[00:01] <@Tusjecht> "please
[00:01] <@Tusjecht> "that's what she said!"
[00:02] <@Opt> Seeing that you don't move, he shoots in your direction
[00:02] <@Tusjecht> and panzer lazily turns his side towards the cannon
[00:02] <@Opt> but again, his attacks bounce off harmlessly
[00:03] <@Tusjecht> "--before they died."
[00:03] <@Tusjecht> Panzer charges towards Claymore again
[00:03] <@Tusjecht> "this is my power!!"
[00:05] <@Tusjecht> and thrusts a massive fist at Claymore again!
[00:07] <@Opt> (Prepared Guard Activated)
[00:07] <@Opt> Your fist clashes against his body again, inducing massive damage
[00:07] <@Opt> however...
[00:08] <@Opt> (Panzer Melee Prowess 14 vs Claymore Endurance - 9)
[00:08] <@Opt> 'I've been waiting for this!'
[00:08] <@Opt> (Precision Strike - Set)
[00:09] <@Opt> (+3 bonus from Prepared Guard + 5 from weapon = 50% chance)
[00:09] <@Opt> (Roll needed = 10 or higher)
[00:09] <@Opt> (16)
[00:14] <@Opt> (Panzer's armored is not accounted. Offensive Type endurance bonus is not accounted. 15 endurance is halved to 7)
[00:14] <@Opt> (Ranged Prowess = 7 + 5 + 3= 15 vs 7)
[00:14] <@Opt> The shot hits Panzer right in the unguarded section of his belly
[00:14] <@Opt> Punching a hole through it
[00:15] <@Opt> 'Haa- I see. Fighting you in melee was a mistake. All I have to do is aim properly!'
[00:15] <@Tusjecht> "OWWW!"
[00:15] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore : 65% Health)
[00:15] <@Tusjecht> Panzer clutches at the hole in his abdomen.
[00:15] <@Opt> (Apple Panzer: 75% Health)
[00:16] <@Tusjecht> "Grrr...
[00:16] <@Tusjecht> Wiping the stink of complacency from his mind
[00:16] <@Tusjecht> Panzer glares at the offender as though wishing to burn him on the spot.
[00:16] <@Opt> Finn Claymore fires again!
[00:17] <@Tusjecht> (High tension set)
[00:17] <@Opt> (Precision Strike - Set)
[00:17] <@Opt> (Roll - 13 or higher)
[00:17] <@Opt> 17
[00:17] <@Opt> His other shot hits you in the crotch
[00:17] <@Tusjecht> "AWOOOOHHH"
[00:17] <@Opt> Again piercing through your armor
[00:17] <@Opt> however, at the same time...
[00:17] <@Tusjecht> $%&*%&*^%(
[00:17] <@Tusjecht> "YOU FUCKER"
[00:18] <@Tusjecht> "IS GONNA DIE"
[00:18] <@Opt> Apple Panzer charges with unexpected speed and strength!
[00:18] <@Opt> Melee Prowess - 10 + 10 + 4 + 10 = 34

All stats gain 10 points for the next and only turn after you call High Tension. Take note that a GM will be on hand to moderate your use of HT.

[00:18] <@Opt> That's right
[00:19] <@Tusjecht> "AAAAAAHHHHH!!!"
[00:20] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore's Endurance = 9 + 8 = 17)
[00:20] <@Opt> Finn Claymore is flung all the way
[00:20] <@Opt> from where he was standing to the edge of the stage
[00:20] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore's Health Gauge - 30% - DANGER)
[00:21] <@Opt> (Apple Panzer's Health Gauge - 55%)
[00:21] <@Tusjecht> [High above the two raging combatants, one of the many female players swoon for an instant.]
[00:22] <@Tusjecht> ["To move like that with such think that Panzer has such strength...!]
[00:22] <@Tusjecht> ["I'm following you, Panzer! Don't let me down!"]
[00:23] <@Opt> 'Nnngh..."
[00:23] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore is stunned. He will not move this turn.)
[00:23] <@Opt> (High Tension for Panzer has worn off)
[00:23] <@Tusjecht> Panzer vaguely hears a female voice
[00:24] <@Tusjecht> and comes to the realisation that a gallery member has called out to him
[00:24] <@Tusjecht> And boys being boys...he foolishly turned right round and answered back.
[00:24] <@Tusjecht> "Thanks, cutie!"
[00:25] <@Opt> (Apple Panzer is not moving. Precision Granted.)

Yup. Your IC actions sometime can nullify the need to request to call for a modifier - if your opponent takes his eyes off you for more than a few seconds, it's reasonable to assume he's temporarily become a sitting duck.

[00:25] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore - High Tension state triggered)
[00:25] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore's Ranged Prowess = 7 + 5 +10 vs 7 endurance)
[00:26] <@Opt> 'You... motherfucker!'
[00:27] <@Tusjecht> Panzer realises in horror that he just made a mistake
[00:27] <@Tusjecht> and turns around too slowly--
[00:27] <@Opt> The shot hits Apple Panzer's knee, right in the spot. This bullet for some reason is way, way heavier than the others-
[00:27] <@Opt> Heavy enough to nearly destroy his leg. Staying entire out of sheer luck, but damaged, his Health Gauge mercilessly goes down by another 25%)
[00:28] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore - 30%)
[00:28] <@Opt> (Apple Panzer - 30%)
[00:28] <@Tusjecht> "AAAAAAAHHHH!!"
[00:28] <@Tusjecht> Panzer shrieks in a very unmanly way.
[00:28] <@Opt> (High Tension for Claymore has worn off)
[00:28] <@Opt> 'Allright... TIME TO FINISH THIS!"
[00:28] <@Opt> (Precision Strike set)
[00:28] <@Tusjecht> "I'll rip you to pieces!"
[00:28] <@Opt> Finn Claymore charges forward-!
[00:29] <@Tusjecht> Panzer gets up and swings his fist forwards--
[00:29] <@Opt> Finn Claymore Melee Prowess = 12 vs Panzer's Melee Prowess = 14
[00:29] <@Tusjecht> *BAM*
[00:30] <@Opt> Apple Panzer dodges Finn Claymore's strike
[00:30] <@Opt> While Panzer's fist slams straight into Claymore's face
[00:30] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore's Endurance = 9 + 8 vs 14)
[00:31] <@Opt> However, Claymore manages to sidestep on time, avoiding taking heavy damage
[00:31] <@Opt> -"Ha... Ha..."
[00:31] <@Tusjecht> panzer wildly brings up his left fist for an uppercut!
[00:31] <@Opt> (Prepared Guard set)
[00:32] <@Opt> Finn Claymore stoically takes damage, bringing his Health Gauge straight into the danger zone!
[00:32] <@Opt> But, he also attacks firmly!
[00:32] <@Opt> (Precision Strike set)
[00:32] <@Tusjecht> Panzer grits his teeth.
[00:33] <@Tusjecht> And in the back of his mind, recalls his Parent's words:
[00:33] <@Opt> (Apple Panzer's instincts have grown accostumed to Finn Claymore's attack-!)
[00:33] <@Tusjecht> "--you're not invincible even if it seems so."
[00:33] <@Opt> (Roll: 20 required)
[00:33] <@Opt> (9)
[00:33] <@Tusjecht> "You'll have to use your instincts to fight sometimes..."
[00:33] <@Tusjecht> And on this occasion
[00:33] <@Opt> Without noticing so, your body has grown accostumed to the strikes
[00:34] <@Opt> Predicting the point where he would attack, you tilt your body to block his blow
[00:34] <@Tusjecht> Panzer finally realised the meaning of those words
[00:34] <@Tusjecht> High tension set.
[00:35] <@Opt> (Finn Claymore's Melee Prowess - 20 vs 23 endurance)
[00:35] <@Opt> Again, the attack bounces off harmlessly
[00:35] <@Opt> And...
[00:35] <@Tusjecht> and finally for the KO blow
[00:35] <@Opt> Yelling with all the force you can muster
[00:35] <@Opt> Your fist clashes against his throat
[00:35] <@Opt> for the last time
[00:35] <@Tusjecht> Panzer brings his fist onto Claymore's throat
[00:35] <@Opt> His body is launched towards the edge of the stage
[00:36] <@Opt> and towards the green mist covering the 300 metres fall
[00:36] <@Opt> but before that, Finn Claymore's body explodes into fire
[00:36] <@Tusjecht> [>>YOU WIN!!]

Usually the player will request the GM for permission to bring on the NARRATION call High Tension each time. Overuse my result in the GM instead awarding you Overflow, a state of uncontrollable rage and rampaging for three turns, or Zero Fill, halved stats and complete inaction for three turns.

[00:36] <@Opt> You would celebrate
[00:36] <@Opt> but as soon as you notice, your body is on the ground
[00:36] <@Opt> without energy to move
[00:37] <@Opt> had you needed to fight a second more, you would have found yourself too tired to move in the middle of the battle
[00:37] <@Tusjecht> [the same female voice who called out to you earlier, for some reason, is suddenly heard somewhere above your head.]
[00:37] <@Tusjecht> ["--Panzer-kun."]
[00:38] <@Tusjecht> the outline of a bright pink avatar appears in his vision..
[00:38] <@Tusjecht> ["...congratulations!"]
[00:38] <@Tusjecht> along with several giggles from the gallery.
[00:38] <@Tusjecht> Too tired to answer
[00:38] <@Tusjecht> Panzer merely brings his hand up
[00:39] <@Tusjecht> and makes a thumbs up.
[00:39] <@Tusjecht> in the back of his mind
[00:39] <@Tusjecht> he makes a note to check his follower list.
[00:39] <@Tusjecht> [>>BURST OUT<<]
[00:39] <@Tusjecht> /fight
[00:40] <@Opt> / fight

Note: GG Tusjecht, that was fun.
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