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[Discussion] Statsys (WIP, comments on)

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[Discussion] Statsys (WIP, comments on)

Post by Destination on Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:22 pm

I don't know if I can have the best of both worlds, but I sure as hell am going to try.

Seven stats and their definitions:

Melee SkillThe power of your actions at close-range. 
Applicable to parrying, punching, kicking, or swinging a weapon.
Range SkillThe precision of a long-range attack. 
Higher values means you're more likely to hit vital points.
Indirect SkillThe potency of an indirect attack / skill.
The more effective it is, the bigger the number. 
SpeedThe movement speed of the duel avatar.
Depending on the situation, it can be added to your "_-Skill" or Endurance for a boost.
EnduranceReplaces Defense. With larger values, you can take more punishment, 
or see your HP gauge decrease slower for the same attack...but you'll still feel the pain.
PotentialThe amount of your DA potential that lies in its EA or special skill.
Special GaugeReplaces Killer Gauge
Higher values let you charge the gauge from damage or stage destruction faster.
This part does indeed look like Bunting's system, but I've made changes to points distribution, and along the way I will modify some things as well.

Key changes:

  • Defense is now taken over by Endurance, and there is no more splitting of things between armour density or special defense. It was too confusing for its own good, so I took it out.
  • Damage Guide will still remain relevant. The numbers that go into these stats will only be a proportionate gauge, so the damage will still be calculated in terms of percent. How much damage to be dealt? I'll run some characters through in a couple of tests after completion.
  • KG has now been renamed to Special Gauge. While I'm reformatting the system, might as well take the chance to correct this.
  • DIR and SKL removed and reincarnated into the three attack styles, Melee, Range, and Indirect. All three have the suffix '-skill' to show that they're going to be used in damage calculations, and hopefully it solves the issue of what counts as a skill, what does not, etc.

For stats, the minimum number of points they can have is zero, and no lower. The maximum number of points you can have before adding bonus is 8. The maximum for Potential, however, is 14.

Rather than coming up with stats to account for situations, temporary boosts, or even multipliers, will be introduced. Example:

    Yellow Radio has zero Melee Skill because he's a pure indirect. But in the rare occasion he needs to throw a punch, his Melee Skill can receive a +1 for that one post he throws the punch. How much damage he deals is another matter, but its a separate matter.

As for now, the only type of bonus that's been planned are colour bonuses, going hand in hand with the old Colour Guidelines. Colour bonuses would look something like this:
ColourPoints awarded
BlueMS+3, End+1
Purple4 points to distribute between MS, RS, and Speed
RedRS+3, Speed +1
YellowIS+3, Speed +1
GreenEnd+3, IS +1
That's all I worked out at the moment. I need your comments and thoughts for this, because at least 90% of this will become the new system. Clarify your doubts, voice your concerns.

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Re: [Discussion] Statsys (WIP, comments on)

Post by Belzera on Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:38 pm

Its quite a drastic change from your old system, which I don't mind.

One comment I have is that it is hard to judge based solely on the stats however the stats and their descriptions are perfectly fine to me.

The point that I would like to know at this point is how you envision character creation as currently you only list that the minimum values are 0 and the max is 10, are you envisioning something like Fallouts special where each stat starts at 4 or 5 and can be upped or lowered.

    M: 4
    R: 4
    I: 4
    S: 4
    E: 4
    P: 4
    K: 4

Total: 28[32] / 70
You could max 3 stats with colour bonuses and have 2 points in a fourth.

    M: 5
    R: 5
    I: 5
    S: 5
    E: 5
    P: 5
    K: 5

Total: 35 [37] / 70
You could max 3 stats with colour bonuses and have 7 points in a fourth.

Actually if something like this is what you want... I would suggest either having a point pool of about 20-30 depending on what you want or at least 4 points defaulted to each stat and allow for re-assignment.

If you want to add more bonuses such as body type and the such then maybe lower the point pool or such.

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Re: [Discussion] Statsys (WIP, comments on)

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:47 am

I need to see some formulas, a stat system is no good without formulas.


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Re: [Discussion] Statsys (WIP, comments on)

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