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Cul Howitzer vs Guardsman Railgun [Stat Test battle]

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Cul Howitzer vs Guardsman Railgun [Stat Test battle]

Post by Destination on Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:43 am

The cool wind blew, kicking up dust and litter all around. This is the Second Battle area in Suginami Ward, and today, many have gathered to watch the duel of the century...

Cul Howitzer versus Guardsman Railgun; the Artillery Princess and the Certain Deadly Pitcher. That both of them are merely level 1, yet have earned a nickname, is a testament to the terrifying long-range firepower both of them possess.

Stats for Cul and Guardsman

As they faced off each other from opposite ends of a long street, what will happen--!

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Re: Cul Howitzer vs Guardsman Railgun [Stat Test battle]

Post by Royal Duke on Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:08 am

Guardsman Railgun

As the blue world he had already been in a few times appeared, Tetsuro's body was wrapped in the fragile armor characteristic of the red Duel Avatar Guardsman Railgun: just a pair of boots, calf armor, a chestplate, shoulder guards, and...

His right hand. His wrist had special reinforcements there, for a reason only he understood...

I won't let you get in my way again, bastard.

He said that not to his opponent, the Artillery Princess, 'Cul Howitzer' but to himself. Because, above all else, there is a single thing Guardsman Railgun's controller fears more than anything in this world.

Seeing that his opponent had not drawn a visible weapon, and did not appear to be a sniper, he proceeded to shift his attention towards the debris surrounding him. Even though he could materialize 'it' right there, as it was it wouldn't do anything.

To use his Special Move, he needed to first fill his 'Killer Gauge'. For this purpose, he threw punches to the street furniture and pieces of stone he could see, without discriminating. Even if his strength was ridiculously low, all the years of muscle training weren't worth jack shit-!

Health Gauge: 100%
Killer Gauge: 15%

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