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Adjusting flow of things.

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Adjusting flow of things.

Post by Royal Duke on Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:17 pm

Well, these are mostly a few suggestions I came up with in order to improve the overall sluggish peace of this RP while staying as true as possible to the spirit of Accel World.

Well, let's start out from Level 1. There are various actions you can perform across the day:


They are exactly what they say on the lid. Battle means you go fight, training means you use a plug-in program, socialize/rest means that you spend your time with others or simply take a breather from battles, and other anything else that doesn't include this.

Over a single day (IRL) you have a chance to perform 5 of these actions. Now let's see them, one by one:


Simple. You spend one Burst Point to choose an opponent with a good affinity or let yourself be challenged at random. There are various outcomes that may happen. They are:

Base charts.

-Use one BP

Player is given a list of 6 NPC. Roll 1d6.

1-4. Cannon fodder. Player instantly kicks his ass.

5. Level 1 NPC.

6. Level 2 NPC.

-Just stand around with Neurolinker worn.

Roll 1d6 for possible outcomes.

1 - Instant victory against cannon fodder. You may write a post or just make a mention about it later on.

2 - Instant victory against cannon fodder. You may write a post or just make a mention about it later on.

3-5 - Battle against a Level 1 NPC.

6 - Battle against a Level 2 NPC.

Whenever fighting against a PC or full blown NPC, after combat regardless of result all fighters gain 1 + (Difference in levels between players. If negative it simply becomes zero) Experience.

Upon reaching the safe zone for the next level (the points needed to level up + 1/3rd) boost the levels of NPC encountered by 1 and lower the odds of encountering cannon fodder by 1. Thus, after becoming a Level 4 or having the enough BP to get there, odds of fighting a small fry are extremely low, while odds of fighting stronger opponents is higher.

From Level 5 onwards this no longer applies, and it's treated in a case by case basis. In any case, once you reach enough BP to make it to Level 5, you will not be able to challenge mooks anymore.


This does not measure strength of the Duel Avatar, but the combat experience of the Linker behind the avatar. The more hard battles one has fought, regardless of victory or loss, give one invaluable strength of heart and first hand knowledge.

The more one fights uphill battles, the easier it will be for one to ICly dodge or block attacks that according to statistics should not be blocked, or launch attacks with more speed and strength than their body intially allowed.

Mechanics wise, this comes in form of bonus modifiers reacting against skills seen for the first time. Its strength depends on how much points one has accumulated over time.


Be it in a dojo or via a plug-in, you spend your time doing something that contributes to boosting your combat skills. Like this, it's possible to gear oneself towards enhancing one's own gun wielding skills or honing swordsmanship techniques. Training like this will give you one Training point.

However. There's a limit to how much one can master via training. To master a brand new skill, or to get past a threshold of a certain skill, one needs to do something meaningful with it. In other words, regardless of how many points you've accumulated, you won't usually be able to spend them.

For example, Silver Crow spent 90 points into being able to dodge long ranged attacks better. After 1 month worth of training, using 3 phases a day, he hasn't yet unlocked this ability. Yet, in a hard battle against none other than Scarlet Rain, theory and practice become one as he gains a slight modifier to dodging her missiles, which combined with the stage's effects, enable him to do the impossible, row row fight the-

Furthermore, later on during a decisive battle against one of Yellow Radio's henchmen, he finds himself in a situation where he /needs/ to dodge a blow.

Then, he gets to spend all his hard earned points into a single skill, 'Horizon Gaze'. As long as the sniper himself is within looking distance, Crow no longer gazes at the rifle's muzzle but the sniper's killing instinct, giving him a large modifier (90 points no less) to dodging those sort of attacks.


This skill might not seem worth it, but think again. All commands are in English, and so are opponent names and everything is tied closely to real life mechanics.

The more you study a certain subject, other than scoring better results in tests and such you will also obtain chances that you can predict an attack's attribute as well as ways to properly counter the opponent's skills.


You may not battle, train or study more than 3 times in a row per day. If you do, you will become tired and won't be able to do anything else for the day's duration. Then it's time to do something else. You can RP your relationship with either a PC or a NPC (GM controlled).

So where does the importance of this lie? Partnership points represent how much two Linkers understand the feelings behind their techniques and how well they coordinate in battle. The more they speak and talk, the better they will fight as a group.

50 is already a good relationship. Beyond that you will probably end up either in a romantic relationship or as NAKAMA.

Whenever fighting together, a % (determined by the points you have) from the other partner is given to you. Furthermore, at 50 you gain access to creation of a combined attack using your abilities with superior power to the skills by separate.


Do you want to follow someone else around to see what they're up to? Do you wanna make your own plug-in for things such as training against a gun that shoots you at point blank? then you gotta do this. It's treated in a case by case basis, only with GM approval. However if used properly you get the best balance out of it.

So. Thoughts?

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Re: Adjusting flow of things.

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:24 pm

hmm... interesting concept Bunting... overall I like it.


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Re: Adjusting flow of things.

Post by Belzera on Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:23 pm

IT is an interesting idea, reminds me of what places like SimRTK did for months passing in game for character development, the only thing I would say is that if you are going to make this a daily thing IRL you'll want to allow for people to plan ahead and put in day plans for the times when they might not get to the computer for several days.

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Re: Adjusting flow of things.

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