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Sky Raker / Kurasaki Fuuko

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Sky Raker / Kurasaki Fuuko

Post by Destination on Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:53 pm

So I realised that AW best girl is much, much deeper than I thought the extent that she's as well designed as Blood Leopard. Let me show you...

Real World:

Name: Fūko Kurasaki (倉崎風子 - Kurasaki Fuuko)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Excuse the mildly arousing image, there is a surprising deficiency of Fuuko art that's SFW:


On the outside, Kurasaki Fuuko might seem to be friendly, polite, and a refined woman as expected of the oujo-samas from rich families; the elder Kurasaki is Chief Executive Officer of one of Japan's largests banks, and Fuuko's mother is a well-known actress.

You might not notice, however, that Fuuko never takes off her pure white stockings in public. Not even for PE class, which she's forbidden to attend anyway...

That is because, Fuuko was born without her lower legs.

Whether an illness or a defect, Fuuko simply had nothing below her knee. Her parents, devastated, didn't think twice and shelled out the cash needed for costly prosthetic limbs. They even went as far as to pay for the legs to be motorised so that her walking could be as natural as possible.

And since the infant Fuuko needed to learn how to use legs she wasn't born with, her parents bought for her one more revolutionary piece of equipment needed for her brain to control her 'legs': a sky-blue Neuro Linker.

But Japan's society isn't kind enough to let Fuuko and her crutches bloom...

Note: Japanese kids are socially programmed to believe in complete uniformity to gain complete harmony. Therefore, "be the same or gtfo" isn't an exaggeration.

Even after entering a prestigious all-girl's school informed in advance, no amount of preparation and manners the young Fuuko had inherited from her parents could cover the whirring of her leg motors. First attracting curiousity, then revelation, and finally discrimination, Fuuko's label of 'crippled' was barely masked by her smiles, demeanor, and stockings. The girls around her were socially conditioned to not reject her outright and she knew that damn well. Seeing her classmates run freely as they pleased in the PE classes she was forbidden from partaking in deepened the jealousy in her heart.

With her parents occupied with providing for the needs of the Kurasaki home, and her classmates too polite to outright discriminate her, Fuuko blamed no one but herself for having faux legs. No matter how much money is spent on upgrading them, it will never change the fact that these legs aren't hers.

And therefore, at a certain point in time, Fuuko looked to the starry night sky, and thought:
    I want to be there.

    Untouchable among the stars, where I'll be free from everything holding me down.

Upon installing Brain Burst and having her heart's wish read, the program translated two aspects of her wish: to have true legs of her own, and the means to travel to the stars; Enhanced Armament «Gale Thruster».

Why she took years to recall her original wish could probably be because of one fleeting but emotionally charged view of the night sky, perhaps a stargazing trip with her parents. She forgot the memory, but remembered the feeling of being held down on the ground by gravity, likening it to her socially restricted position.


Well-mannered and refined, Fuuko has learnt from her experience that it is best to maintain the facade of pleasantries and wellness, by always appearing cheerful ad keeping her stockings on at all costs. Perhaps she might also have an extensive index of excuses from PE class.

And because she suppresses all outward signs of irritation and anger, she unknowingly developed a particularly cruel inner self to those she has no love for.

(Tokyo Sky Tree is 300m tall; if you hang someone from's funny to read, but absolutely terrifying as Raker's opponent.)

Points of Distinction / Perks:
  • Seven Lights - The Kurasaki family is overflowing with wealth. Motorised prosthetic limbs and a car for their daughter is but a drop in the ocean for Fuuko's parents.
  • Oujo-sama - Fuuko's first and strongest defense against her discrimination. Everything in Japanese society is fine if everyone feels good and nothing is out of place; she, as one such person painfully aware of this, has little choice but to play along.
  • High Heel Collection - Serious. As prosthetics are generally incompatible with any kind of footwear besides flat-soled shoes, the feminine side of Fuuko may well end up with a cupboard full of pretty shoes she can't wear. (Note that Sky Raker wears heels(!))
      Alternatvely, Fuuko has one set of high heels as a gift, perhaps her mother's, and she treasures them deeply.

Brain Burst Avatar:


Explanation: Sky Raker in kanji actually means "The Overwatcher High Above," and not the literal meaning of "One who wishes to touch the sky."

Parent: Unknown
Child: Ash Roller / Kusakabe Rin

Stats: Irrelevant really, but I'll do this later.

Abilities and Armaments: (Half-done)

  • Name: Gale Thruster (Enhanced Armament)
  • Cost: Three posts of full thrust, 10 minutes recharge time after 7 upgrades.
  • Description: A compact and extremely powerful jetpack, it does as it says. Small stabilising fins are attached to its sides to control descent path, velocity, and attack angle in the air.

    In space, it is possible that they become maneuvering thrusters instead, allowing for Raker to make fine movements for little to nil cost of the Thruster's own Gauge.
  • Effect: Powerful jets fire and blast the user up and away. Adjustment of flight trajectory at all times is possible.
  • Weakness: An equipment as powerul as that is hampered by its ridiculous recharging time; if Fuuko has at most three uses per duel, it's possible to take her out before even a single use.

Note the discrepancy between her wish and her colour; running away should be a Red colour, not Blue. I'll explain this in the next post.

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