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Wolfram Cerberus / Shoutai Fumeisuke

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Wolfram Cerberus / Shoutai Fumeisuke

Post by Destination on Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:11 am

Real World:

Name: Fumeisuke Shōtai (正体 不明介 - Shoutai Fumeisuke) Shameless Kazakiri rip...

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: The young man in the background.


Having no parents to love is a great trauma to most children in modern Japan. But there is something worse than that in the mind of Fumeisuke: having a parent who he fears.

Fumeisuke was a love child between a businessman and a bar hostess. When his father refused to accept his lover's pregnancy, Fumeisuke ended up becoming the target of his mother's anguish and feelings of betrayal. Until he was aged seven, he was barely fed, clothed, and taught to speak with a plug in on the Neuro Linker - his father's only gift to him. Even as a toddler, he endured physical abuse by his mother, only escaping when he was seven; the school could no longer accept the excuses he was told to give, and took him into state custody. His new legal guardian: Shoutai Teiichi, his father. (On paper, he was adopted, but how would he know...?)

Long after he had been accepted into his father's home, Fumeisuke displayed an abnormal fear of adults and loud voices, shouting in particular. His father put the blame on himself; father and son hardly spoke to each other, not that Fumeisuke knew the truth yet.

When he turned ten, Teiichi finally decided to break the news to his son, and hoped that they could have a good relationship...

    "Fumeisuke...I'm your father. And Ms. Hyouka was your mother and wife."

    "I had a mother?"

    "...Excuse me?"

    "Who's Ms Hyouka? Is she my mother?"

...too late to save Fumeisuke. The child had already repressed his memories, compressed them into a seed and buried it in the depths of his heart. But for the first time in years, Fumeisuke finally thought about his mother.

    There used to be someone who beat me horribly in the past...

    I was treated like an animal. Or maybe I was even one.

    Well then, if I can be an animal that feels no pain...let me be it.


Polite, reserved, and quiet. If anything, Fumeisuke particularly dislikes loud noises and rowdy places. He is also terrible respectful of adults and would do anything to have their approval - or rather, their absolute lack of disapproval for him.

No one knows when he obtained Brain Burst or when he decided to call himself a Burst Linker. With his reserved personality, no one could be called his friend, much less claim to know him.

Brain Burst Avatar: Wolfram Cerberus

Appearance: Wolfram Cerberus is the one on the left, in the foreground.

Explanation: Wolfram Cerberus was created from a deeply repressed wish in Fumeisuke to endure the pain he suffered at the hands of his mother. His metallic colour leans towards the common end as a result, so as to grant him increased defense against physical blows.

As for 'Cerberus,' it's likely that he felt that he was treated as though he was less than human, and internalised that idea along when he repressed his memories.

Parent: Unknown

Stats: tbc

Abilities and Armaments: tbc

  • Name: Physical Immune (Normal Activation Passive Skill)

  • Cost: 0

  • Description: A skill that is permanently active for Cerberus.

  • Effect: All physical blows inflicted on Cerberus by an opponent's skill or Armament is nullified. Without exception.

  • Weakness: Physical Immune doesn't cancel out damage caused by the Stage; it's possible to hurt Cerberus by slamming him into the stage in any way applicable.

    Ranged attacks naturally are effective against him as well.

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