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Wisteria Banshee VS Fern Acrobat

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Wisteria Banshee VS Fern Acrobat

Post by AliceAlabasa on Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:16 am

She blinked as everything suddenly took on a blue hue, and she found her self in her dual avatar. Tilting her head a little to the plants and the such. Alice began to think of how she could use this place to her advantage but then thought she should see who the challenger is. Quickly she looked up towards the heads up display and saw her avatar's name and other information on one side, and then on the right she saw the name of her adversary. Quietly she repeated it out to her self in a hushed whisper and the nodded. Without using up any more time she began to search the area, hoping that she finds him before he finds her.

All the plants and leafs were making it quite hard to see, though she kept at it. However, after a while she stopped and hid behind something near by, she could have sworn she just got a glimpse of a dual avatar near by. Silently she peaked out to make sure, but her vision was being blocked by all the vegetation. Alice was trying to be careful, as it was her first battle and she didn't want to be careless. So she waited there and keot peaking out, hoping that she'll be able to find him and get the first hit in.

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