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[Event] The Black Wing's Secrets / Kuroyoku No Himitsu

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Re: [Event] The Black Wing's Secrets / Kuroyoku No Himitsu

Post by Alice on Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:24 pm

As I kept going to join the battle, a loud noise resounded. Looking further to see the cause of it, I realize a whole building is falling! What kind of person is able to destroy buildings?! To avoid being seen too soon, I go through small alleys and try to get closer to get a view of the opponent.

I hope I'll find them before they find me...
ooc: Italic pink is for my character's inner thoughts.

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Re: [Event] The Black Wing's Secrets / Kuroyoku No Himitsu

Post by Royal Duke on Sun Nov 24, 2013 12:30 pm

I see... In that case...

Instead of outright attacking his opponent, Gulf Beast crouched slightly and stood behind Sephiroth, with the intention to attack him the moment he attempted to dodge the strikes from Chrome Samurai.

His muscles tensed.

His peripheral vision disappeared.

In his mind the only thing that existed was his enemy, awaiting his chance to unchain himself and destroy his enemy to attain more 'strength'-!
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Re: [Event] The Black Wing's Secrets / Kuroyoku No Himitsu

Post by Destination on Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:36 pm

[BGM ON!! Guardians At The Gate (Audiomachine)]

--it's time to put an end to this.

Backflipping in the air to avoid several chunks of falling rubble, U.N; Sephiroth takes solid blows from Samurai and Shadow; using their momentum to momentarily propel himself a metre off the ground- and stays there.

From his right, a single black wing has appeared!

Hovering off the ground, U.N; Sephiroth stays perfectly stable in the air, even ascending slowly, despite not so much as a flutter from his lone wing. It isn't probably «Flight» ability then, but «Hovering»?

Raising his sword to his lips, he lightly kisses the blade.

    Far, far away, in the Promised Land.

    I left you in the care of a kingdom's hands.

    Seven score and five years later, when the brave men returned:

    Naught a soul was left to greet them at the gate.

Glaring at the shocked avatars below him, he carries on.

"Which world do you come from anyway, plebians."

Glancing around at the ruins of the stage, he speaks an unthinkable thought.

"This has always been my world, and you are the invaders."

Suddenly, the katana lights up from within with a sinister light--


--a star ignites in the sky. The entire stage is destroyed, and consumed by light.

/iC /Event.

All participating DAs are rudely disconnected from the Battle Royale. Checking their BP counts, they found that their count had neither increased nor decreased.

As the last avatars to have targeted U.N;Sephiroth,  both Jonquil Shadow and Regimental Samurai receive an Enhanced Armament:


    - AMR +30

    - affinity: Anti-cutting.

    - Price in Shops: 100 BP.

That concludes the first Event on AWRP. I had fun all the way too (:

Any ideas for future events? Toss them in OOC discussion or the suggestion box!

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Re: [Event] The Black Wing's Secrets / Kuroyoku No Himitsu

Post by Sponsored content

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