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Green Guardian vs Gulf Beast

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Green Guardian vs Gulf Beast

Post by Royal Duke on Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:48 am

4:25 pm

I have to become strong, much stronger. So I will no longer be stepped on by society.

With these kind of negative thoughts, Haruto couldn't help but seek a new battle. Right after having lunch, he nabbed his bag from his room and left his home in the Nakano district and rode the first bus he could find to wherever it went.

Brain Burst was amazing.

He was no longer afraid of anything. Even if he was in the other end of Tokyo, as long as he had <<Acceleration>> he was invincible for most of the gang members. That's right. For a while, he had already restored what society had taken away from him. His pride and his self-confidence.

However, this wasn't enough for him. There were still an odd 1000 that could eventually surpass him. And for Haruto, that was no good. He had to become the strongest person in Tokyo. The number 1, both in the real and the virtual world.

And that was the reason why he was standing in the middle of the streets cloaked in green mist and dark metal covering the buildings, forming structures that made his old Tokyo seem more akin to a 'demonic palace where monsters lurked', protected by his characteristic blue armor under the name of <<Gulf Beast>>.

His opponent was called <<Green Guardian>>. According to his Master, Green colour exhibited ludicrously high defenses which made them, in his own words "fuc*ing hard to kill". But, he still had with him his secret weapon. That's right. With a single command, provided he had enough Killer Gauge...

With the attitude of a street brawler, he stepped in the direction his Guide Cursor told him his opponent would be next, violent intent and strong negative emotions seeping through the gaps of his armor.
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Re: Green Guardian vs Gulf Beast

Post by Destination on Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:18 am

OOC: On hold until I complete my fight with Lightning Gadget. Thisbpost will be deleted and a response posted when I'm ready.

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