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Lightning Gadget Vs. Jonquil Shadow

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Re: Lightning Gadget Vs. Jonquil Shadow

Post by R4yleonard on Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:29 am

As the feet kicks hit the clones, the clones dissipates, leaving nothing in the air. Another change appears in Shadow's HUD

<<Anonymous>> Clones : 5/10

"Another 2 destroyed, huh?"

As he sees body parts coming at him, trying to reattach themselves to the head he's holding, he quickly run away, ensuring those body parts can't reach him and the head to reattach. He also issues another order

"Smash any parts you're having to anything hard. Rocks, walls, stones, anything! Repeat the action when there's no enemy nearby"

The hands where thrown to the walls of the alcove, picked up again, and carried away. One arm, having been carried so far there's no way any body parts could catch up, where thrown to the ground in the rocky area of the beach and pommeled repeatedly with that stone. While the other arm where being hold at one point and being swung so hard as the other end hits a rock to deal damage from the impact

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Jonquil Shadow

Stats :

- STR : 20 (D)
  > DIR : 10 (D)
  > AMR : 10 (D)
- TAC : 100 (A)
  > SPL : 60 (B)
  > INT : 40 (C)
- AGI : 50 (B)
- KG : 30 (C)

- ATK : 70 (B+)
- DEF : 50 (B)

Killer Move : Anonymous
Cost : 30%

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Re: Lightning Gadget Vs. Jonquil Shadow

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:55 am

Gadget's limbs took the invididual hits and that was enough damage to end the fight (HP: 0 KG : - )

Gadget's groaned. "Looks like it's back to the drawing board." He shut down and all his parts shattered to bits

Location: Arashi's tech lab

Arashi came out of acceleration and exhaled as he sunk into his chair.

Ami looked at him "at least you tried to fight."

Arashi said "yeah, I dealt some damage but my weakness was exposed and I could not recover from it. Well that will go into my gameplay notes and I will continue to work with it. Until then I think I need a break, can you get me a kit-kat bar Ami?"

Ami hummed and nodded then said "I'll see if they have one in the vending machines."  

Player Defeated

Victory to Jonquil Shadow


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