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Shadow Tesla

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Shadow Tesla

Post by Destination on Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:07 pm

Original creator: churchblue (banned user on originating forum)

Name: Fujiko Mika
Age: 16
Personal Characterstic: Blue eyes, Black silky hair, always wear glasses, polite to a point of heavy insults (you know what I mean), has a handgun hidden under her skirt (usually not loaded).

Duel Avatar: Shadow Tesla
Ability: Electricity and electromagnetic manipulation
Level 5
Armament: Pulse gun, Pulse shield and Tesla tanto

Profile: She was born of a English father and a Japanese mother. Her father work overseas to provide support for her and her mother which left the mother to take care of her. When she was 4, Fujiko came by the Brain Burst program by luck (of course she though is was a game). It was installed it (asked people for help) and landed in the AW. As her first experience, she was scared and frighten. She was even afraid of her own Duel Avatar. She burst link her out and was left traumatized for 1 and a half years. When she turned 6, she decided to try again only this time she knew what she was in for. She leveled up to 4 within a couple months and without raising suspicion. When she got to Level 5, Black Lotus offer her to join her legion, but she rejected it and told her that her real life is far more important than her "game" life. After that, she stop playing and focused on her studies. She took a proficiency test that allow to go to college at a young age (age 12) thank to her home schooling from her mother and the tutors that her father hired. When she graduated 2 years later, she become martial art master (part of the karate club in college and was second in the regional championship) and wants to become doctor. When she returned home, she was challenged into a duel by newbies only for them to lose horribly. She went to the AW and announced to everyone that she has "no interest" in joining legions and only play this game to kill time (Black king was absent at this time). However, she is willing to help new players get use to the AW duels.

Fujiko is really smart but not a super genius, she just knows how things works. She uses that concept in her AW duels and always successfully beat the opponent. Unlike burst linker that take advantage of AW to apply to their real life, she is the reverse. When decided to leave the game, burst linkers try to duel her to get her remaining BPs. However, she beat all of them and in the process took most of their BPs (she has a lot now). She told to the defeated that even though she is leaving the game, she will not leave as a loser and if any tries to force her into a duel, she will make them wish they left her alone. Since then, she disappeared to college where there are not burst linkers since they were not the same age. When she came back, she help out new players that does understand the AW and the duels. She has a fetish for maid dresses since she was 4 and is working at a cosplay maid cafe when coming back her college graduation (she feels cute when she wears the maid dress). She is really strong to real life as the karate club mention that she once smashed through a foot of concrete with a single punch. She gets really angry if the insults she receives goes too far. This tends to give she a black aura.

Her duel avatar Shadow Tesla is a close range fighter and can defend against long ranged fighters. Even though she Level 5, her combat experience make her par to a king. She is really fast and can counterattack when the timing is right. She uses her Pulse gun and shield on several occasions. Her Tesla tanto is mainly for armor piercing. She take advantage of her electrical and electromagnetic abilities like using the metal scraps in the surrounding and channel the flow of electricity to hit a certain mark.


Also Shadow Tesla has a forbidden move called "Tesla Flux" which is basically Tesla builds up energy in herself to increase power equal to a Level 10 and release that energy on the opponent. It is very dangerous and is a last resort. It is said it has enough power to wipe Chrome Disaster "out of existence".

However the drawback is that since ST is a Level 5, she called only hold this power for 10 seconds or otherwise she will destroy herself and everything in a 50 mile radius.


Basically, ST uses Tesla Flux she risk uninstalling herself.

/Shadow Tesla

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