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Alex Ruins [WIP]

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Alex Ruins [WIP]

Post by Shorainounmei on Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:52 pm

Note: Most of the history is mainly notes and will likely change in the future

Real World

Name: Alex Ruins

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: (Still thinking, maybe 6 ft in height up to 6'3" other stuff is still a bit sketchy)

Actual History (Not much atm)

        Alex was a single child born in the United States of America. His parents were a newly wed married couple quite content to have a son. Through out his childhood his parents made sure that Alex was safe and was happy. His father used to teach him very basic self defense when he was little, though Alex never really took it all that seriously. His mother would try and teach him about the world and the people within it, Alex found this more interesting than his self defense courses his dad put him through. Through what he knew he couldn't help but feel bad for other children and people, through out the world that were not as lucky. At a mere 7 years old he understood that he was lucky to have parents as great as his, and he wished to protect it as best he could.
       As Alex grew older and went into Jr High he began to get picked on a lot by the other students. He never said anything though, he could tell that they were just angry and jealous of him, just by looking at them. So he took the insults and unnecessary rough housing to protect his family from it, and to take a little pain away from those who did it to him.
       During Alex's Jr High years he began to learn more about how the world was and how it worked. He was horrified from what he learned. The amount of deaths from attacks and assaults in his country were ridiculously high, almost higher then anywhere else. He found many articles about these attacks, fights, gang battles and such, but each time he found a story he couldn't help but read it, and then feel worse and worse about how lucky he was in this country. He wished that no one would ever experience some of the things he read about, but he knew people did and he blamed himself for that.
      In Alex's high school years the bullying and insults went through the roof, they beat on him, called him names and insulted him for being himself. Though never once did he fight or talk back, he knew his life was never in danger but that was only a part of why he did not fight back. Some of him believed that he deserved what they were doing to him, a simple torture as payment to keep the family the way it was. And Alex was ok with this as long as his parents were never dragged into it.
     Alex had been going to High School for averagely 2 years now taking the beatings and insults were almost natural to him now. Though something changed, something that would change his life for the worst or possibly even the best.
    As the buzzer(alarm or bell) sounded for the end of the day in Alex's school, he made his way out of his classroom and prepared to leave for his house. Alex thought he would do something just a tad different today. He planned to take a different path back to his house, to change it up a little bit. So he packed up his things and made his way to the exit.
    The path Alex had in mind was pretty close to the same distance as his normal root so it wasn't much of a hassle. As he left the school area he switched from his school network to his global network. The area wasn't as packed with buildings as others and even had a small forest to the side. As he was looking at the surroundings as he walked, he noticed something.
    Alex walks over to a ditch near the edge of the forest, he stops and crouches down. He put his hand down on a small spot of blood, 'Still wet' he thinks. He stands and follows the small trail of blood and barely noticeable footprints. After a couple seconds of walking he looks up to see where he was heading. Instead however, he saw what lie ahead, the badly beaten and cut body of a girl.
    Alex stood there frozen for a second and then quickly rushed over to the girl. He quickly checked for a pulse and to see if she was breathing. She still had a pulse, quite weak but still there. It was hard to tell if she was breathing, she seemed to be breathing very quickly in small short breathes.
    Alex quickly called an ambulance. He checked to make sure she didn't have any spinal injuries, she seemed she didn't. He carefully lifted her up and slowly walked with her out of the ditch and onto the sidewalk of the road near by. He gently lay her down and quickly checked to see where her injuries were. He saw a few gashes seemingly made by a sharp weapon on her body. He tore off part of his shirt and did his best to cover up the wounds to slow the bleeding.
    'The ambulance still hasn't come yet... it's taking to long' Alex thought. After checking where her injuries seemed to be, he lifted her up carefully making sure to try and not injure her anymore than she already is and began walking in the direction of the hospital. A minute or two later he walked through the front door of the hospital just as the ambulance was about to leave for them.
    Once she was in the hospital's care Alex left without saying a word.
    Alex couldn't help but feel responsible for the girl being attacked, if he was there he could of done something about it. Though the comfort of knowing that he at least kept her alive and brought her to the hospital made him feel a little less guilty. There was one thing that did not sit well in his mind, that didn't look like a fight gone wrong, or a robbing but more like an attempt at murder. This put Alex on edge and he couldn't help but worry for her safety.
(Things under this may need changing or fixing)
    The next day at school seemed normal enough for Alex, though after school was all but. During school he heard people talking about the incident that happened yesterday involving the girl that he found. He didn't hear anything new however, not that he already knew himself anyway.


Born in U.S.A
Was a single child
Was under heavy protection from his parents (Not protective as in wouldn't be allowed to do anything dangerous, may need to explain this more)
His mother would try and keep him out of pretty much any trouble
His father tried to prepare him if trouble ever found him
He never thought he would need to ever use his father's advice (When he was younger)
Jr. High he was bullied but not heavily
Went into high school was picked on a lot more
Bullied physically and mentally but never broke
One day he found a girl beaten and badly injured in a ditch just outside the school area
She was barely conscious
Called for an emergency and lifted her out of the ditch to a more safe area while they waited for the ambulance (may be changing the last part... after may say "She didn't seem like she was going to live, unless she got to the hospital so he lifted her there)
She got to the hospital safely
He blamed himself for not being there when she was being attacked
Though he felt a little less guilty that he could at least save her
Couldn't help but think it was attempted murder

The next day he was getting beat on by the "normal" people as always, but something seemed different they were hitting with anger and fear, instead of the usual jealousy and hatred
They beat him so badly it broke his right arm and left hand
When he started to get back up on his feet (It was difficult but he was used to pain so it wasn't impossible) after they were done beating on him and ready to leave one of group said "That will teach yea to not mess with things that aren't to do with you"
Alex was confused by this and looked back at them clueless
One of the group noticed his confusion and instantly stepped forward saying "How much of an idiot are you?"
"The girl, that one you found remember, almost dead in a ditch? Ringing any bells?" It did instantly
"She was supposed to die that day, now your going to make are group look bad" If Alex could of he would of balled his hand into a fist
"Now because of that our job ain't finished! You made it ev_" One of the group cut him short, "You idiot... how much information are you going to give this guy?!"
In response he retorts, "It's not like he is going to say anything anyway! So why not?"
Alex cuts in and says at quite a low volume, "Which one of you did it..."
There was silence
Alex wasn't sure if they didn't hear him or whether or not they were amazed that he spoke
Alex repeated again a little louder this time "Which one of you did it".
They all just stood there seemingly in fear, even though Alex had a broken arm and hand
For a bit no one said anything
Then one of there group they same one who blabbed all the information said "Why should we tell you!"
That seemed to snap the group out of whatever trance they were in
They stared at Alex
Alex stared back and took one step towards them
Again the group seemed to be put into a trance once again, filled with shock and fear
Alex continued taking steps toward the group, his broke arm and hand by his sides not moving
Alex could almost feel the fear coming from the group
Suddenly when Alex was a couple steps away from the group one of the people in the group lost it
He pulled out a knife and ran at Alex head on
This is what Alex was hoping for, the most afraid would run away or run at him and more than likely that would be the one who did it
Though it was going to be difficult to fight in the condition hes in
The man ran at him at a very fast speed, but Alex was ready (Possible changes needed to the fight)
When he went for a stab, Alex moving quickly went to the outside of the man's outstretched arm the movement bending his broken arm in a grotesque way.
A sharp volt of pain shot through Alex but he held strong
Unfortunately the sudden pain made it so Alex didn't make it far enough to fully dodge the stab though it was enough to at least get around the knife without taking a full hit
The knife cuts through his right shoulder and a cloud of pain covers his vision
Alex trying to recover brings his knee in for a fast and hard hit on the man's stomach as he moves forward to where Alex once was.
The blow is enough to knock the wind out of the man causing him to stumble back and drop the knife he was holding
It took a second for Alex regain some control to fall through and to do a fast and powerful spinning kick
The force of his leg rotating behind him and his body twisting to increase his foots speed causes his broken arm and hand to twist in a hideous way
As Alex's foot spins around and solidly connects with the mans neck, it sends a jolt through his body making a bone in his arm to push out in a painful way
The pain comes as a sudden shock to Alex bringing water to his eyes    
Alex's kick sent the man flying back onto the ground back first a meter or so away from the group
The group was stunned and couldn't move
The pain was beginning to cloud his vision but he couldn't pass out, not there
After that Alex turned and started to walk away
It took a second before the group snapped out of it
Some of them cursed at Alex others tried to get the man off the ground
Though Alex kept walking, heading to the hospital near by
When he got there they called his parents and did there best to put the bones back into place to cause less pain (< Is this right? O.o)
His parents got extremely frightened for Alex's safety
His parents told them to just puts casts on them
After Alex got the cast on his arm and hand he asked if he was allowed to visit the girl he called an ambulance for
Luckily even though Alex didn't know her name they knew who he was talking about
They led him to her room, she was still recovering but she was no longer getting fixed by nano machines
He sat down on a seat near her bed where she lay unconscious
He tore off a piece of paper from a few papers lying on a desk near her bed (Carefully and slowly, since he only has one hand that slightly works)
He carefully grabbed a pen and very slowly wrote on the small piece of paper "Run when you can"
When he was done writing he folded the paper using the help of the desk
Alex then carefully placed the paper in her hand and closed it
(I could replace this with a message from a neuro-linker(possibly, need to know I little more about neruo-linkers before I can tell))
Alex left with his parents after
They were discussing moving to Japan
Alex was fine with moving after giving the girl the note
They soon found out the only had enough money to send Alex over and pay for nano machine repair there
His parents decided to do that so they could get him away as soon as possible and fixed (broken arm)
When Alex was ready to leave on his flight his mother said "Don't worry we will be there soon so, be safe".
After that Alex boarded the plane
Flew over to Japan by himself
(During the beginning if the speech seems odd tell me)
(Will continue when I think the second part through some more...)

Guilt Ridden (Feels guilty a lot of the time)
Silent (Almost mute)
Patient (Can be very frightening when he loses his patience)
Protective of Others

Points of Distinction:
Combat Ability and Knowledge (Pressure Points, Weak Points, knowing when to use what)(Lacks Experience)
His Eyes draw your attention (Seem soulless)
Doesn't attack unless attacked (Sometimes even if he is attacked he won't hit back)
Blames himself for being unable to do something to save someone (Even if it's a distance away)
Doesn't have or try to make friends

Brain Burst Avatar:





Unknown at the time

Abilities and Armaments:

-Name: Healing Armor (Passive) (Needs a better name, and it's only an idea)





-Name: KM Scream (Ideas mostly atm)





If things are in the wrong spots go ahead and tell me. Or if anything is off, or is missing important detail please say where and explain. Thank you.


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