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Sayuri Haruka (Nova Chaser) [WIP]

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Sayuri Haruka (Nova Chaser) [WIP]

Post by Nova Chaser on Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:24 pm

RL bio:
Name: Haruka Sayuri (Written as Family Name, Forename)

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Birthday: 7th October

Height: 4'0"

Personality: Due to her lack of true companionship at a younger age she has tried to become self reliant and typically tries to act more mature for her age with the intent to not draw too much attention to herself, ultimately causing her to be socially awkward to most people and generally difficult to approach or get a good conversation out of. She longs to have friends she can hang with and a desire to act downright goofy and childlike with them, constantly blaming her body for being the reason she feels so desperately alone and unwanted and just wanting to run away from everything and finally feel free.

History: Since her younger childhood Sayuri found herself having to become adapt at managing her own needs due to her parents often working extra long shifts to provide for them or simply being exhausted from when they were, this typically left her with a child-minder which left her longing for anyone to truly have companionship with on a deeper level than simply co-existing.
The desire was ultimately fulfilled when they finally settled solid settled jobs although unfortunately she had already begun going through school at this time, Sayuri quickly found herself to be quite the social outcast amongst her peers – finding it difficult to take interest in their discussions or hobbies as many of them seemed immature to her eyes, although her height also played a huge part in plaguing her ability and confidence at befriending anyone.
Her best outlet for her frustrations was the relieving escape of the virtual world – well, not as virtual as one would expect in this day and age – she liked to frequent at the local arcades as often as she could with her pocket money or the bits of money she could make from helping neighbours, it was here that her true passion and desire for freedom was fed in the form of racing games.
It was during one of her few sessions going to these “Retro” arcades that she eventually got exposed to  a whole new world by her guardian after a meeting that must have been fate and gave birth to her new way to truly feel the freedom that she so desperately sought.

Appearance: At 4' she is under the average height, her build is average for a girl of her age. She has soft teal-coloured eyes and short auburn brown hair with small spikes aiming backwards, themed after her favourite video game character "Phoenix Wright" (He was a lawyer, but she could always see him as a race-car driver). She typically wears a black leather jacket with racing jagged stripes going down, a rather plain red shirt with the original "Sonic The Hedgehog" artwork running and some rather plain, black jeans.

AW Bio:
Accel World Name: Nova Chaser

Accel World Appearance: Nova Chaser at a brief glance looks like a humanoid mech that has been transmogrified from a motorcycle, standing at 4' and sporting a sleek dark purple design with black stripes zipping across her form. Unlike a motorcycle she sports small spiked feet whilst at the ankles there are small bulges that would imply a booster, and starting from the bridge of her shoulders and stretching down to mid-way down her back are two exhaust vents and her head is more like a motorcyclists helmet albeit more of a sleek pointier design.

Guardian: Harlequin Gauss [Player owned, pending creation]

[K.M etc pending]

Can this be looked over &/ viewed and any holes brought to my attention before I proceed too far with finalising the avatars information please?

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