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Akio Hikaru "Lavender Rough"

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Akio Hikaru "Lavender Rough"

Post by AkioHikaru on Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:26 pm

Real World:
Name: Akio Hikaru

Age: 16

Gender: Male

He pretty much wears whats in the picture, he even gos retro with the headphones. Except that he has long brown sleeves for the shirt.

History: Akio's parents are, well to be bluntly honest they are just flat out lazy. They had a neuro-linker installed on him from birth, and they had been using it just to make everything easier on them. When he was young he felt like his parents didn't even care about him, he would struggle to make them proud of him and to make them pay more attention to him. No matter who hard he tried, his parents were always to busy thinking about themselves. He was getting fed up with how little attention they gave him, thinking "Is this really what I deserve?" Sure, they took care of him him. They fed him, kept him warm and sent him to school and all that. But he always felt unloved and worthless to them. Thinking that they just thought he was something getting in the way of their life.

Akio grew up feeling like this, but while he felt unloved with his family. The story was different with people he became friends with. Around them he felt like he had meaning. But when he was about thirteen years old his father died, and all of the sudden it was like his mom began to love him more and paid more attention to him. Party of him was happy, the other was enraged. He thought "What, you just start loving me now? Why didn't you care about me years ago?! If dad was still alive you probably wouldn't even care about me would you.." Soon he began to think, and decided that to make up for making him fell worthless years ago he'd just manipulate his mom to get what he wants. That seems like a fair trade doesn't it?

He'd act like the perfect, loving child but in reality he was manipulating his mother. Akio learned just how to say things, just the face and tone to use as well as how to take a situation and twist it around to work for him. After he turned fifth-teen he had started to manipulate other people as well, more often then not he would be able to control them to a certain extent learning just what was needed in order to get the reaction he wanted. However he would avoid deceiving and manipulating people he really cared for, those he really considered friends. At times he had even manipulated people for their sakes, to help out his real friends. Never considering him self a bad person, more of a person who knows how to get what they want.

However, he had taken a interest in one of the few people he couldn't figure out how to control. A young girl named Hanako, one of his classmates. It always seems like she could just see through him, see past his facade and see his true intentions. After some time they ended up getting pretty close, and she had ended up in his circle of real friends. Eventually she had paid a unexpected visit to him at his place. As she knocked on the door she had a strange smile on her face as she just walts in and took a seat on his favorite chair. Akio asked her "Alright so, what do you want?" With a grin on her face she pulled a cable out of her pocket and looked at Akio, before demanding quiet bluntly "You, me, cable connect, now." He blinked and stood there for a second, before a smug look got on his face and he said "Didn't know you were that into me" and sat down in the chair next to her and plugging the cable into his neuro-linker.

Hanako then sent a file to Akio and demanded he download it, Akio shrugged and accepted the file. If it were anyone else he would have made some smart ass remark or joke. But This was Hanako, and you don't piss off Hanako. So as the file was installing he opened his mouth and tried to ask what was going on, but before he could talk the program already finished its installation and he saw the words "Welcome to the Accelerated World!" He raised a eye brow as he asked her what was going on, and she began to explain to him about brain burst. Then told him that he'd better be ready for a nightmare tonight, Akio shrugged this off with denial as he said "I don't get nightmares."

That night after he had fallen asleep, he had find himself in a dark and broken down building. As he explored it he saw no other living thing in sight, just emptiness everywhere. It got darker the more he walked until he saw something out of the corner of his eye. When he turned his head to look at it, he saw a strange and almost demonic looking metallic creature despite it's slender form it wasn't that fast "Most be made out of some pretty heavy stuff. As he watched it more it had eventually turned to him and as it stepped into the light he saw more of it, and he had the biggest grin on his face. "Now..That, something like that would NEVER go unnoticed! That's something that people sure as hell would pay attention to!" But the world began to fade away as did the figure, Akio shouted "Wait! Take me with you! I want to have as noticeable of an existence as you!" The lost thing he heard before he woke up, was a unfamiliar ask him a question "Is that your wish?

Personality: Manipulative of most people.
A smart ass and a magnificent bastard.
But deep down he actually is a pretty nice guy, after all. He refused to manipulate his friends.

Points of Distinction: Gamer.
A great singer.
A good actor.
Has a liking for swords.
Good with technology, and is a decently skilled hacker. *Won't ever be able to hack Brain Burst, just putting that out there*

Brain Burst Avatar: Lavender Rough
This, but without the arm blade (with a arm in its place obviously) and being lavender colored.

Explanation: This Dual Avatar is forged from his desire to have a worthwhile existence, to be noticed and either loved,Feared, or respected. And one of the best ways to be respected or feared, is to be strong and look dangerous. His EA is a sword because he has always had a interest in blades, which is also why hes mainly melee focued. But he also has ranged attacks and a way to stop some attacks, in case he needed to run or fight a enemy had a distance. He likes being able to handle most situations, just like how he likes working situations to his liking in the real world.

Parent: Hanako Kagome / Orange Raider

Stats: Current distribution of your stats. Refer to here for explanations:

     -STR A (100) (DIR = 70 AMR = 30)
     -TAC B (60)  (SPL = 30  INT =30)
     -ATK A (100)
     -DEF C (60)
     -AGI  D (10)
     -KG C (30)
     -B&W 40

Abilities and Armaments: You have (1 Killer move) and (1 Ability [Passive or Active] or 1 Starting Armament).

-Name: Sharp Guard

-Cost: just a sword

-Description: This EA takes the shape of a strange, almost demonic looking longsword in the colors of violet and black.

-Effect: a sword


-Name: Violet Slash

-Cost: 20% Killer Gauge

-Description:  Lavender Rough's Sharp Guard start to glow with a purple energy as he slashes the air, sending out a fast energy projectile at the enemy. About as long as 4 feet and as wide as 2 feet, its in the shape of a slash.

-Effect: 30% Physical 40% Special.

-Weakness: If you have enough speed you can dodge it, and if you are willing to take some damage your self you can even deflect it back at him.

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Re: Akio Hikaru "Lavender Rough"

Post by Sado Ikaru on Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:41 am

This looks done... Is it done?

Continuing on... *glares* *glares* Okay, I don't see anything wrong. Ignore me.
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Re: Akio Hikaru "Lavender Rough"

Post by AncientHalo on Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:11 pm

I like short and sweet description and history of Akio Hakaru. Everything just seems mellow together, Lavander, reminds me of a Purplish or Redish type of Color. Sounds like we may end up being good friends in the RP if y Rpc gets approved.

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Re: Akio Hikaru "Lavender Rough"

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