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Yuuji Yuzuhara [WIP]

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Yuuji Yuzuhara [WIP]

Post by Lazy on Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:03 pm

Real World:
Name: Yuuji Yuzuhara

Age: 15

Gender: Male


History: Yuuji Yuzuhara, born in the heart of Tokyo. Yuuji's life was soon going to be planned for him when the doctors realized his condition. When he was delivered he wasn't breathing at all. They took him to the emergency room to examine. It was then when they realize Yuuji has a malfunctioning lung and it was going to severely limit him later in life. His parents were from middle to high class and they poured all their savings into saving their only child.

Due to this Yuuji was secluded from the world and only knew the caretakers that nursed him. His parents weren't worrying for him, but more of his power. Yuuji was a trophy child. When Yuuji was older and was eligible for schooling, he was immediately under a private tutor. It didn't bother Yuuji since he had no relations outside his home. It was until when he was in his final years of junior high, when he asked to attend a public school. At first his parents were worried about his condition, but thought it was a great way to boast to the world about their son. At the start of his freshman year of high school, he was excited. Yuuji's previous private tutoring helped him ace the entrance exam and put him into the top of the class.

He was the center of the spotlight, because of his grades, and found himself surrounded by many people. He made a few friends on the first day and shared this news to his parents. His parents reacted to the news poorly. They freaked out and told Yuuji to not talk to his peers. They told him that his peers will work him to death because Yuuji was a great student. Yuuji refused and he got scolded. The next day, Yuuji was still persistent on keeping his friends, and so Physical Education arrived. When they had to run a lap around the track, Yuuji suffered. As his entire class finished, he was barely past the first turn. There he collapse due to lack of air circulating. The teachers called for the ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital. He was stabilized, however, he was going to be under an inhaler for the rest of his life. The inhaler was wrapped around his nose and it will inject air into his nose and it would help him breathe much better. As he was looking at himself he just stared at his friends who stayed to make sure he was okay. It was then he grew jealous of them. He started to grow hatred for them just being able to breathe normally. He was now stuck under an inhalant system while his, now peers, were not. However he didn't show it. He still acted normal and accepting of the fact he had this condition. In his mind, however, he formulated a plot to see them suffer.

Inside he grew more happy at his peers choking due to lack of air. He wanted to see them just suffer like he was. A classmate came by to visit and he flicks a walnut into her throat and she immediately starts choking. He was just looking at her smiling. She managed to cough it out and started to breathe normal again. She teared up and Yuuji thought she knows about his new malevolent side. However she told him about how Yuuji could be a better person. Yuuji told her about how he wanted to see everyone suffer. With that the girl said to him, "You can make that wish come true..." Yuuji was interested and asked about what she was talking about.

This is where the girl introduced him to Brain Burst. She told him about how he can get his wish and let the people of this world suffer his pain. Yuuji was interested and ask how can he get one of these programs. The girl said she can give him a copy, and so they began the transfer.

Personality: Being born with asthma, Yuuji's life was overly protected and cared for by his parents. From a glance, he is a calm person that loves to read manga. He is also acts very accepting and understanding the world. Those close to him know he can be a bit sadistic, but only his parent, Yuki Kasamina, is aware of how sadistic he can be. Since he has breathing troubles, he envies those around him. He wishes they all suffer the same fate he's in.

Points of Distinction: Uses an inhaler.

Brain Burst Avatar:




    -Killer Gauge

Abilities and Armaments: You have (1 Killer move) and (1 Ability [Passive or Active] or 1 Starting Armament).







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