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Wisteria Banshee vs Lucky Lunatic

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Wisteria Banshee vs Lucky Lunatic

Post by Kuro on Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:01 am


Kuro Akarui sat back in his seat in the afternoon after school hanging out in a little internet cafe along with his friend Akira Usui. At least that's what his real body was doing. The two of them had left that world behind in favor of the accelerated zone, where they were now sorting through the listing of available burst linkers currently connected online for matches. The selecting process was being long and careful, for it was Kuro's debut fight.

"Remember," Akira advised him, "Even though I did take you into the program to get a look at your avatar and examine the mechanics, you still know very little about your avatar and your abilities. We have to find someone of your level who will have similar capabilities to you so you won't be too pressured while you get used to your new self."

The whole thing seemed boring to Kuro. He didn't want to spend time over-thinking this. Just pick a name and get started; that's that he would prefer to do. But Akira knew more of this game than he did, so he decided to go along with his guidance.

"Here we are. Lucky Lunatic. They're level 1 just like you. You might be able to take a fight against him slow and get a feel for things."

"Finally..." Kuro muttered inaudibly, happy for some action. Without further hesitation, he stamped his hand down on the name.

Suddenly the accelerated blue world dissolved from around him as his body shrunk about a foot in height and transformed into his thinly built avatar. As the world reconfigured around him, he caught the sounds of clinking machines hissing steam. He appeared to be in a wide, open factory with all manner of construction machines and vehicles scattered about, as well as a limited amount of circuitry built into the floor itself. It was as if the whole building was a giant machine.

Wisteria Banshee looked over his new form, still unused to the whole thing. He could handle the shrunken body and even the thin build. But the demonic nature of his avatar, complete with tattered looking wings and sharp claws was going to take some getting used to. He had never expected a monster like this to be the core of his problems and dreams. He cast a gaze toward the gallery section and saw his parent, Sky Temper, looking down at him. With a silent thumbs up of encouragement, he sent Banshee off on his way. Banshee nodded in understanding and took note of the direction of his opponent via the compass on his heads up display and began to carefully make his way closer.

Character Name: Kuro Akarui
Duel Avatar Name: Wisteria Banshee
Level: 1

Total Base Stat Points: 8000

STR: 35 (C)
       DIR: 20 
       AMR: 15 
TAC: 85 
       SPL: 70 
       INT: 15 
AGI: 50 (B)
KG: 30 (C)
BW: 25 (DIR -> SPL)

ATK: 90 (B+)
DEF: 30 (C) 

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Re: Wisteria Banshee vs Lucky Lunatic

Post by Destination on Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:55 am

Due to the disapproval of Lucky Lunatic, and its owner's implicit consent to discard it, this fight is declared invalid and will be deleted in approximately 6 hours.

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