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Daikaji Tsuyoi [WIP]

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Daikaji Tsuyoi [WIP]

Post by Decimo on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:40 pm

Real World:
Name: Daikaji Tsuyoi
Age: 16

Gender: Male


Personality: Quiet and not very assertive. He tries to be like his upperclassman and head of the Helpers Club and be a good person who isn't put down by there own weakness and get closer to people.

History: Tsuyoi was an anti-social outcast since his childhood. He rarely left his room because of the constant bullying at school and became distant to others. Back in middle school one day he was being bullied by the schools delinquents on the school roof away from the cameras but was saved by his upperclassman Kazuki Takahashi. He was so motivated by his heroism and courage that he dreamed to become like him one day. This never worked out though as he was distant and had never talked to any of his classmates for many years. He followed Kazuki to his high school and continued to admire his resolve to help people. He joined the helpers club to get closer to being like Kazuki but never succeeded. One day as the helpers club was going around the schools campus helping out clubs with there activates and helping other students around school with there troubles. Tsuyoi stayed behind in the group and didn't really do anything except be silent and watch. They went to the gym storage locker where some delinquents were cooking food with the science rooms fire burners and bad talking the teachers and went to get them out. The delinquents panicked and kicked over the burner igniting the cooking oil and lighting the building on fire. Panicked and confused by the sudden fire still growing he stood in place scared and immobilized by fear. He looked up when he heard Kabuki's voice calling out and helping the other club members get out of the building. He than started to run towards the door when he saw some of the buildings roof about to collapse on top of Kazuki. Looking around him Tsuyoi noticed the fire growing and getting closer to him and Kazuki. Tsuyoi panicked and curled up in a ball and started to panic being surrounded by the flames and thinking how much they resemble bullies ganging up on him. He feared his life was finally over until he heard a voice and his sempai Kazuki shouting at him to hurry up and preparing to rush over to him after he evacuated the others. He looked up and saw the celling about to collapse on top and on an impulse spring over and push Kazuki out of the room. He proceeded to the door after wards but tripped on  

Points of Distinction: A few things peculiar about your char, could be from the color s/he prefers to some abilities s/he have.

Brain Burst Avatar:
Appearance: several lines describing your char's physical appearance. A picture with a few added details can do.
Explanation: Explanation on how your avatar relates to your char.
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-Killer Gauge
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-Name: name of the Move, Ability of Armament
-Cost: Cost for activation or use if there is one
-Description: Describe the Move's
Armament's or Ability's visual assets.
-Effect: Give the effects of Move, Ability or Armament.
-Weakness: Tell the weaknesses (if one) [Note: All strong moves MUST have a weakness.]

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