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Blood Wind 2.0

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Blood Wind 2.0

Post by ZeroCoolAZ on Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:31 pm

Here is my bring back of the character I was in the process of building before the wipe. Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome.

Name: Nakashima (center of the island) Masaki (elegant chronicle)
Age: 17
Accel World Name: Blood Wind

Personality: Caring, strong hearted, has many secrets. Doesn't open up easily to others, but is easily the one of the most loyal friends to be made. Is ruled by his emotions in times of distress.

History: Masaki had a rough childhood. He grew up with parents who were never around. His parents had split after he was born, and he grew up with his mother. His father was an extremely angry man.
He was constantly being abused in both households. His father was physical, and his mother was mental and emotional. He was always the odd type that never fit in with any particular crowd, and games were an escape from reality for him. Not even escaping from home could bring a safe haven. Once in school, he was bullied left and right. His weight, family, actions, anything related to him. The world is cruel and children were cruel with it.
He was short and chubby until his first year of junior high school. He began to grow into his frame, and the bullying became less severe as time went on. But at this point it was too late. A cold, dark hole grew in his heart.
It left him angry, hateful, and empty. He wanted nothing more than to feel like the wind and just blow those who had wronged him away. He never acted upon his emotions though. He was more reserved than that. His heart
longed to fill the gap, and he wants to protect those who have gone through the same things he has. Not only does his personality show that alongside the anger, he has compassion and love to give. Despite all the things that have happened in his life, something he felt that he learned while growing up is that he cannot do anything about it. He feels that it is something he has to avoid seeing his parents, and the problems go away. The problem is, there is rarely a moment in his day that he is not thinking over his childhood traumas. Obsessing over them. He hopes his Junior year of senior high school will be a good change for him.

You can often find Masaki on roof-tops, or anywhere a storm is happening. He feels at peace when he feels even the smallest breeze, to the largest gusts of wind. The loud noise, cool temperatures, and sometimes harsh environments feel at home to him. He tends to float around like a feather in this wind, and follows it where-ever it may go.

His greatest wish is to serve Justice to those who deserve it, but with every good action will come a negative action, the justice is followed by a darkness, Vengeance.

Appearance: Medium length messy black hair. Brown eyes. Six feet tall. Weighs 160 LBs. Wears an Onyx ring on his right ring finger that has an elaborate shield on it. He has an X shaped scar below his left eye from one of the many
beating sessions he sustained as a child.

Accel World Appearance: His Accel World appearance slightly resembles Black Lotus's. It is slender, mostly black with partial red hues. It is aerodynamically designed to maximize speed. It has an EA that allows it to shift its
hands into Dual blades. It has slightly larger legs. His Accel Appearance took one major feature of his, the X shaped scar is gilded underneath his DA's left eye.

Guardian: *TBA* (I am looking for someone that would like to be an active part of my characters story and experience.)

Killer Move:
Name of Killer Move/Ability Bladestorm

Effect: When activated, the user charges up both of his fans with a ferocious energy and begins to run at an extreme speed around the target. Once within melee range, the user begins to move quicker, and begins slicing into his target swiftly. The overall effect lasts 12 seconds.

Description: Once the user begins to circle the target, he begins to resemble gusts of wind bringing sharp cuts through the air. One might even lose sight of him and begin to swear all they see IS the wind blowing objects at the target.

Weaknesses: The ability can be completely avoided by those who can jump out of the circle, or those who are faster than the user can stop him/her mid use.

Name: Arashi no Ikari (Storm's Fury)

Description: The user equips a large bladed fan. The fan can be split into two smaller dual wield-able fans.

Ability/Stat: The fans while merged into one allows the user to use medium to long ranged attacks. Whilst split it allows the user to use short to melee ranged attacks. (Will be revising this)


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